Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rear Wheel Drive R35 GT-R by Blitz

Pic 1: Blitz RWD R35 GT-R

Check out this world's first conversion of the R35 GT-R from AWD to RWD. When the R35 GT-R was launched way back in Oct. 24, 2007, many people applaud the trick Borg-Warner dual-clutch transmission. However, die hard manual transmission fans groan about the lack of an full manual version of the GT-R.

Well, Blitz has an answer for you if you fall into that category. In place of the standard Borg-Warner dual-clutch gearbox, Blitz has worked out how to install a Holinger Engineering sequential gearbox into the GT-R. *shockers!*

Pic 2: 3 pedals!!

But why RWD the GT-R? Word has it that Ken Nomura will be driving this R35 in replacement of his 4Dr ER34 to compete in the D1GP. When? Could be as soon as this year! Now that's something to look out for. I wonder how it will fare considering it's gigantic size and porky weight. :P

At the moment, the car is still under development by Blitz. Can't wait for its completion and see it sideways! Dorifto!!

Do check out the video below.

Pic 1: Blitz Exhaust

Pic 4: Blitz RWD R35 GT-R

Pic 5: Tri-meter cluster


  1. If it is full CF mono-tube frame, then may be it will be light enough?

  2. Nah Vince, it is not a tube-frame. It's a "real" car.


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