Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nismo 480cc injectors (16600-RR710)

Pic 1: Nismo 480cc injectors (16600-RR710)

As per my previous rant post here, the ER34 is maxing out it's stock 370cc injectors at around 5,000rpm. That is indeed not good at all.

There are a lot of choices for replacement out there from the ever popular SARD injectors of various cc to the offerings from HKS. There are also slightly cheaper alternative injectors from Deatschwerks that I have seriously considered some time ago.

Pic 2: Nismo 480cc injectors

Deatschwerks have a very competitively priced 440cc, 600cc and 800cc injectors for the ER34. In the end, I've decided on something "out of the ordinary". I opted for the Nismo 480cc injectors (Part No. 16600-RR710). Besides the ER34, these will also fit the CPV35, C35, Z33, WGC34, and WGNC34. If you're wondering, these retail for JPY13,500 per injector. Yes, it is costlier than the bigger cc SARD variety.

Pic 3: 4 hole spray pattern injectors

What is unique about these Nismo injectors is that instead of a single or dual spray nozzle, it has 4 spray nozzles per injector. Yeap, so in summary it is a top feed high impedance 4 hole spray pattern injector. As you can expect, with 4 sprays, you'll get very nice atomisation. These are pretty hard to come by. I've yet to know of anyone using these in Malaysia. Rare stuffs! :P

Why just 480cc and not go for higher cc injectors like the offering from SARD? Well I reckon I do not need such a high cc injector. It's good to have but afterall, my horsepower aspirations aren't that big. It's not, well, a GT-R so my power level will be pretty much conservative in a way. These should very well suffice for my needs. On the plus side, the uniqueness and exclusivity is great! These will fetch a darn good price in the market.

Hey, that gave me an idea! Should I sell these off and get bigger injectors from SARD? Hmmm .....

Pic 4: Top view of Nismo 480cc injectors

Pic 5: Side view of Nismo 480cc injectors

Pic 6: Top view of Nismo 480cc injectors


  1. Hey Eujin,

    Those look like awesome injectors man! Cool! Nismo!

    Just curious, if we bolt a HKS GTRS and run it at 0.8 bar boost, can the stock ECU handle it? Or is it a must to have a piggyback? Hehe! I am afraid gearbox cannot take 1 bar. haha

  2. these look like the bosch 410cc injectors that I have on SP, diff color though. They also run the 4 hole spray pattern, and I must say they work pretty well. I got it a lot cheaper then you did though...but then agian you would probably need the larger flowrate through them compared to me :)

  3. Roy, I would suggest you get a piggyback to control fueling and ignition timing at the very least.

    Mugil, I was actually wondering who made 'em Nismo injectors. Well it could be made by Bosch for Nismo thus the similarity with yours.


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