Friday, April 02, 2010

Dyno time for the ER34

After the 5 part Stage II entries, invariably there will have to be a dyno session to tune the ER34. Well as promised, here is the video of the ER34 being dyno-ed.

The dyno session didn't go too well or up to my expectations. If you have noticed all the time I do not name names of the workshops I go to and this is no exception even though this is a ranting blog entry.

Well, this particular place I went to dyno and tune the car is somewhat well-known in a way. Initial impression was ok as the tuner explains what he will do but he doesn't seem to ask too many questions on what I have done with the car. I do believe understanding the work done on the engine will give him a better idea during his tuning session. Oh well, so anyway, onto the rollers the ER34 went and all strapped in fine and dandy.

After the first few power runs, this is where my confidence level went from ok-not-too-bad to absolute zero. The tuner came to me a few times with his diagnosis on my car. First up, he claims my Power FC has problems, then commented that my Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator was not setup properly, after which it was my SARD Fuel Pump that has problems, and then it was my coilpacks ...... no hang on, there is more ..... I was questioned why I used a Z32 AFM instead of the original ER34 AFM. You can imagine how frustrated I am with all this blaming game.

Of course in the end, none of the above got problem. So where or who is the problem? You be the judge.

Is that the end? No way sir.

A couple of worrisome comments were thrown in also just incase the customer (me!) is not already pissed enough. First up? SARD makes crappy fuel pumps as they tend to overheat and stop functioning after a couple of laps around Sepang International Circuit. Whaadaa! Noooooo, that's not enough; I was told to upgrade to twin external fuel pump with a 2 litre fuel surge tank. That will gain me precious horsepower. WTF right??

By now, I've already given up and just can't wait to get the tuning done and get the hell out of that place. What is more worrisome is that when I drove off I realised that the injectors are already maxed out at 100% after 5,000rpm. This can't be safe!

A call to the tuner to highlight this is pointless as he assures me that is it perfectly ok but of course upgraded injectors would be better. It is ok at 100% duty cycle at a low 5,000rpm? Gosh, makes one wonder .....

By now, you would have guessed that I have wasted a lot of time on this and also wasted precious hard earned money.

Isn’t this a WTF experience?!?!

Added on 27th April 2010
Yes I am still fuming mad. One thing I forgot to mention is that the tuner did not tune the car from start till finish. He would do the initial tuning yes but; by the the end of the tuning session, he said, it's more or less done and ask his staff to just tidy up the maps and it's good to go. Did he bothered to come back and check? Nope, he's busy sipping tea in his office. wtf!

Oh, I was told I will be given a 50% discount when I come back and retune/adjust the maps (within like 2 weeks or something). Well, if you're reading this, you can shove the 50% discount up your arse coz even if it's free, I'm not ever coming back.


  1. wow. this is indeed a WTF experience, what a load of crap the tuner gave you. maybe he thought you don't know anything about modding cars and tried to con you into buying something from him..."precious horsepower"...gotta love that crap.

    - NickPolo

  2. Man! I think you should bring the R34 somewhere else. This guy sounds some of the tuners i have come across who talks too much instead of tuning the car. Ugh!

  3. Sounds like the TUNER doesn't know much ... doesn't make such sense from what he says.....

    TBH, I think you get a better "play" with a Haltech or Adaptronic ECU instead of the Power FC. FC is getting a bit too old and the configurations are a bit too restricted compared to the newer ECUs.

    Anyway, good luck with the new tune, drop me a msg soon if you need help :)


  4. NickPolo, I dunno about conning me to buy stuffs but what I am sure is that when a tuner talks like that, it makes you wonder if your car is in safe hands.

    Roy, you betcha man. Sucks ain't it?

    nicwan8, I wish I can afford a Haltech mate. :P
    Will do so. Eh, you didn't call me when you're back here?

  5. you need injectors man. 100% is not good. eng Knock. satigue

  6. satigue, that's right mate.

    It's on it's way as we speak. :P

  7. EJ, sorry about not calling..I ended up going around Malaysia for 2 weeks..

  8. Welcome to the world of tuning... same happens everywhere I guess when the tuner takes you for someone who doesn't know any better.

    My advice to you though; get bigger injectors and definitely consider the upgrade to external pumps. Better to over-engineer than under IMO.

    Sounds like the tuner has no idea if he was asking about the Z32 AFM swap - LOL!

  9. Stan, injectors are on its way. Will see how's fueling like on subsequent tune before I decide on externals tho. Twin Bosch 040? Hehe

  10. wow the best line i've heard so far " I was questioned why I used a Z32 AFM instead of the original ER34 AFM."

    hahahahah...damn, if i heard that i'll just walk away without turning back.

    agree on the injectors part. You really need to upgrade, on a stock rb on 0.8bar only you'll be suprised that the injectors are almost maxed. I don't wanna imagine if you're running more than that bro.

  11. eujin:it was what exactly happen to me...another famous workshop in sunway,when i ask whether he can wire up a z32 afm on my sr20det.he sounds so blur,he told me to change the intake piping people change that away i switch to other place..i hate tuner or workshop didn check properly before assuming something..thats the worst tuner

  12. rych, yea man. I'm getting in some pretty "rare" injectors. It will be a surprise. I've yet to know anyone using this in Peninsula Malaysia yet. Not sure about East Malaysia tho. :P

    ken, yea man. Geez, makes one wonder does it. Some workshops are taking people for granted.

  13. awww, sorry to hear what happened man :(

    as for the tuner, hmmm are you thinking what im thinking? :D

  14. CCC, yeap. Can you check out the cost for me? Shoot me an email bro. Appreciates it. :P

  15. utter rubbish. Ask them/him to go fly kite. Go sell pisang goreng or something instead.

  16. Anonymous, hahaha....sell pisang goreng ya? LOL :D


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