Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recaro RS-G

Pic 1: Recaro RS-G

Ever since I started "playing around" with cars, I've always wanted a fixed back bucket seat. The closest I got was a pair of Recaro SR3 in my previous car, the Perdana V6. Those were very comfortable yet provides enough grip on hard cornering. Too bad, I removed it out from the car and had it sold off 3 years ago. I didn't want to put it into the ER34 then as my plans with the car was not that extreme; just wanna keep it lightly modded and close to stock; well at least that's what I told myself.

Hummph, looked at how it turned out now!

Pic 2: Rear of the Recaro RS-G

So anyway, one day a buddy of mine offered me something I find it hard to resist, a Recaro RS-G along with railings for the R34. It's just plug and play. Now ain't that mighty convenient? :P

Pic 3: Recaro railings for the R34

The Recaro RS-G is the replacement model for the ever popular Recaro SP-G. It's a current model and still is highly popular especially in Japan. I've seen many pictures of it installed onto the R35 GT-R and also the S2000.

Pic 4: Side view of the Recaro RS-G

The Recaro RS-G that I have is wrapped in cloth material. I wished mine were wrapped in alcantara but I guess cloth will do for now unless someone wanna sponsor a re-trim. :)

Here are some pictures of the seat. :)

PS. Time for a harness to compliment the Recaro RS-G? :P

Pic 5: Harness guide holes

Pic 6: Compatible with 5/6 point harness

Pic 7: I wished mine were wrapped in Alcantara


  1. damn!!thats nice!!anyway fyi i quoted rm650 to rewrap my spg to alcantara from recaro malaysia

  2. Thanks Ken for sharing the pricing of the reupholstering. It's still just a wish list now as it's evident that I am spending way too much on the ER34 of late.

  3. It looks so nice...I can say it can be compared to the Bride LowMax...but somehow the design is at its class of its own.. unique indeed!

  4. gd luck getting in and out. practice makes perfect :)

  5. Mugil, thanks! But yours looked better with the cf back. :P

    Jon, well my wish was the Bride Zeta III but this will do just fine. :)

    Zul, I know what you mean man! It's tough work.

  6. I wanna change mine too. With this, how heavy are the seats? How much for one? Good for traveling longer?

  7. Very nice~~~

    Full bucket seats are pretty light, can lift it with one hand (without railing).

    I'm using Prodrive Sparco for my daily drive. It can be aching sometimes but the safety feel and how it hold on to you when comes to corners is indescribable.

  8. Steven, I didn't weigh it but it's really light. The heavy part is the railings like highlighted by Jun.

    Depending on the material, if Alcantara would be more expensive. Recaro Malaysia sells them for about RM6,000 per piece excluding railings.

    I haven't had the chance to try long distance traveling. I reckon they should be ok.

    Jun, Prodrive Sparco looked really good. From the design I bet there's massive support for the thighs.

  9. Oh, i was thinking to re wrap my NSX electric seats to Red leather mixture of Alcantara Black... coz i feel very wasted if replace the original one to after market without the electric funtions...ha ha. So, can you please let me know whats are the benefits of having after market seats? Eu Jin, u got FB? Add me, pls. Thanks.

  10. Hi Steven,

    I've added you on FB. Well NSX seats are a beauty and yes the electric functions are a plus point. Keep it that way and go with your plan of alcantara leather.

    Aftermarket seats like mine (fixed back bucket) are lighter, more body hugging, sits lower, etc....

    When a good bucket seat hugs you, you do not have to worry about bracing yourself in corners. Instead you can focus 100% your mind on the impending corner and not worry about your butt sliding to the side or using the knee to brace yourself. LOL


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