Friday, October 23, 2009

BNR34 Rear Spoiler - 2 units of 'em!

Pic 1: The 2 units of BNR34 rear spoiler

Ever since I got the ER34, I have aspired it to have the BNR34 rear spoiler instead of the stock GTT spoiler. I mean the stock spoiler is ok but over time you get to see the same spoiler (copy versions) on every other car on the road. You see it on Gen.2, Persona, Corolla, Vios, City, etc....heck even on a bloody VW Bettle!

This compounded my will to replace my rear spoiler even more. However, I've search high and low locally for I guess the better part of 2 years BUT no one seems to have it nor brought it into the country. I've found some units in Japan but the prices are ridiculously high. It's madness! Seems like the Japs are still very much eager and hot over the R34 (despite it age!).

Pic 2: The 2 units of BNR34 rear spoiler (top shot)

Thus I turned to search on another continent. Looked at places like Ireland, Netherlands, etc .... and finally as luck would have it, I found two nice chaps in London that's about to remove their BNR34 rear spoiler off their car. Not sure what they are going to replace it with (GT-Wing perhaps) but this gives me the opportunity to grab those spoilers. Hehehe

Importing a spoiler into the country is no easy task. First up, Parcel Force (UK's equivalent of Pos Malaysia) will not accept the package due to it's size. It measures 1.5 metres long -oversized I guess. Damn!

If you turn to international courier companies like DHL or TNT, they charge GBP1,300 to deliver it to Malaysia on first class priority mail. I would have taken the spoiler and whack the head off the DHL/TNT representative if I'm in the UK. Geez, what a rip off!

Pic 3: The 2 units of BNR34 rear spoiler

Thankfully I can temporarily store the spoiler at my uncle's place (Thank you so much and sorry for all the trouble running around) while I figured out how to get it back home. What a major headache! Took a couple of aspirins with this in my head for a couple of weeks. :(

Luckily, my mate Zuff took the trouble to arrange it to be couriered back via his contacts. Thank you so much buddy. I really appreciate the help. :)

The spoilers arrive on separate consignments. Thankfully too because two rear spoilers isn't going fit into my car. Even with 1 unit it's tough. I had to throw away the box at the customs office. LOL :D

Yeap, this meant that I've got to make 2 separate trips to the customs office which is about 40 minutes drive one way. That's a lot of time, toll fares and fuel used!

Pic 4: The 2 units of BNR34 rear spoiler (bottom shot)

I've just cleared the second spoiler yesterday and here's some interesting bit of conversation/experience at the customs office. :)

Upon reaching the customs office, the security guard greeted me when I was registering to go in. He said, "Collecting spare parts again?”. WTF, I must be coming way too often.

With my clearance documents in hand, the picking boy also recognize me and asked, "What spare parts are you collecting today?". Damn! Hahahahaha

Taxes? Yeap got taxed but just a little bit. Had to stop laughing to myself when I insist that the rear spoilers are meant for the Nissan Sentra. Tough to wiggle my way out of taxes as the package is bloody huge! LOL :D

Anyway, the units that I brought in are painted in Sonic Silver (KR4) and Midnight Purple II (LV4). Seeing the Midnight Purple II paint up close is amazing. Under sunlight, the colour flip between purple, green and a hint of goldish. Uber cool!!!

Some might be wondering why the heck I bought in two units. Well, in my search I found two units thus I figured I might as well get it in and offer the other unit for a fellow Skyline owner.

Loads of parties are interested on the spare rear spoiler but the item is already booked by my ER34's evil twin brother. :)

I can't wait to get my unit installed onto the ER34! Hmmm.....but then again, I've also had something else in mind for a rear wing. Should I sell this off? Wonders .....

Woohoo, another item crossed from my wish list. :)

Sonic Silver (KR4) unit

Pic 5: The package

Pic 6: This is how you fit in a BNR34 rear wing into the ER34

Pic 7: The Sonic Silver (KR4) BNR34 rear spoiler

Pic 8: The Sonic Silver (KR4) BNR34 rear spoiler

Midnight Purple II (LV4) unit

Pic 9: The package

Pic 10: The Midnight Purple II (LV4) BNR34 rear spoiler

Pic 11: Check out the shade of purple under the sun

Pic 12: Can't resist to snap this dumping pic :P


  1. rare item....good stuff. what's the whole cost per spoiler? satigue

  2. The Midnight Purple paint in the sun looks amazing!

  3. LOL! you always have the penchant of bringing in things into malaysia without getting heavilly taxed!

  4. satigue, it's costly. For comparison, in Japan it's asking for JPY 70,000 to JPY 80,000 EXCLUDING freight.

    Leo, yea man. The paint work is really something else.

    rych, this is the second time I got taxed. Luckily the amount is small.

  5. Eugene,

    If you decide to sell the tr wing lmk pls. I'm just thinking of how to freight it back to Aus that's all. Ya reckon it's safe to stow it in the aircraft cargo section or do you know any freight forwarder that can deliver to Aus ?

  6. Teo, will inform if I decided to let it go as well. But I think most likely I gonna fit it onto the ER34. I always wanted it. :P

    I'll keep an eye out as many people have been asking me to get one for them as well. Stowing in aircraft is fine as long as the packaging is done right.

  7. ASJ Racing, will advise if I can get more of them. I have loads of people asking for it.

  8. This "documentary" of "Getting a BNR34 spoiler" is so interestingly funny. hahahah


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