Sunday, October 04, 2009

Skyline Photoshoot October '09

Pic 1: The setup

Bro Azmir arranged a photoshoot for some fellow Skyline owners today and 6 cars turned up. There were 2 BNR34, 2 ER34, 1 ECR33 and 1 S130 280ZX.

These guys (the photographers - Azmir, Ian and Vincent) are really professional with their gears and setup. I am mighty impressed!

And I am even more impressed by the results of the shoot. The on-site preview via the digital camera LCD screen was awesome. Thank you guys for the effort and time to shoot our cars. I really appreciate it very much.

I can't wait for the final results once the photographers are done with their editing. I'm sure it will be stunning. In the meantime check out some non-professional shots of the session below.

The professional shots here: Azmir's blog

Pic 2: Azmir and Ian getting some shots

Pic 3: Ian the sniper

Pic 4: Azmir and Ian getting more shots

Pic 5: Ian shooting from afar

Pic 6: This is how you do it professionally

Pic 7: Azmir's ER34

Pic 8: Razlan's beast of a BNR34

Pic 9: Nas's BNR34

Pic 10: Marcus' immaculate ECR33. This car is stunning!

Pic 11: Kevin's S130 280ZX. Old Skool!

Pic 12: The group waiting ....

Pic 13: Group shot

Pic 14: Group shot

Pic 15: Group shot

Pic 16: Group shot. Yea colour a bit off here. :(


  1. EJ...we all not professionals laa. Only perasan professional...hahahaha...

    we should do this again. I wasn't to happy with my shots

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  3. Love the behind the scenes shots. Great company of Skylines and their owners. Have a blast time shooting. Thanks again guys for coming.

  4. nice houses too.any idea how much? satigue

  5. Thank you so much Ian. I can't wait to see your masterpiece. :P

    Satigue, oh just a couple of millions I suppose. Hahaha

  6. other words, about 10 r34 GTRs...

  7. love the ecr33.... i really love that model... R33

  8. i wonder where did u had ur photos taken. id love someone to help me take photos of my car once the restoration of my car is complete. btw, does the 280z owner has a blog, love to see what he has done to the car

  9. kev, it's in Bukit Jelutong.
    The 280ZX owner doens't have a blog. He has done heaps!

  10. it'll be good to see a touch of gold in the next shoot... hahahaha...

  11. seems like ive seen the 280zx in front of the hypertune cover. i bet ur friend has spent a lot on the car


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