Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nonsense ramblings of a R34 owner

Pic 1: Thinking......

Have you ever just sat back and thought about what you've done, what you're doing or what you're going to do on a certain subject matter?

Well of late since a couple of months ago, I've occasionally done just that. And the subject matter is my ER34. I've owned the ER34 just over 3 years now and my final repayments are due in January 2010. That's just 4 months away. After that, the ER34 is all mine. Yes every single nut and bolt belongs to me and not the financing institution. And of course every single depreciation cents are also my problem. :P

Flashes of thoughts that passed by my brain and processed by the network of electrons include whether to sell off the ER34 and get a 'proper' car or perhaps just purchase a rust bucket as a daily driver and keep the ER34 at home.

I remember a few months back I had an episode with my backbone. The bottom tip of my backbone called the Coccyx was killing me everything I tried to get up after sitting down on the floor. It's excruciating suffice to say. X-Ray scans showed something was swollen. After a week or two of muscle relief treatments it's back to 99% normal. At that time, it did occur to me that if it didn't go away, I might just had to change another car. Climbing out of the ER34 was also painful. Wtf man.

Even though the back issue is settled, it still did occur to me if the ER34 is gonna be with me for long? Let's face it, my dream is the BNR34 not the ER34. Whenever I see a BNR34 (especially white and bayside blue units), I look back at my car and it's just worlds apart. The emotions one gets looking at a BNR34 is twice stronger than looking at the ER34. But unfortunately I can't afford a BNR34. The ER34 alone is killing me financially.

And if I sell off the ER34 what could I get in replacement? Nothing within my small financial budget excites me or 'suits' my character. A 'normal' 4 door saloon like a Honda Civic FD1 or a slightlier sporty 4 door saloon like a Mitsubishi Lancer GT? A wagon like a Caldina GT-4? Hmmm....don't quite gel in me think.

Pic 2: Nissan Stagea with BNR34 front end

How come there are no Nissan Stagea here in Malaysia??? It'll be super cool with a Masa Motorsport M34-R front end conversion to a look like a R34. Uber cool!

Or should I finance another car? A beat up/older car like the Nissan Sentra B14 or a newer cheaper car like the new Proton Saga? It'll be a great car to run around in, no need to worry about parking and cheap to maintain. But then again, I could use the money for other more precious things in life instead of another car. Afterall, to and fro from home to work is just about 20km of driving.

Pic 3: Nissan Stagea with BNR34 front end

If I keep the ER34, the mods will never stop. There will be more money going into the car as my wish list is still a very very long. Lots more to go for me to strike out most of the items. :P

Should I stop modding the car? I don't think I can though as it's a neverending quest for more power, better handling and a nicer esthetically. To mod or not to mod, that is the question.

I was known (ever so slightly) to be a mad dude on the twisties since my Perdana V6 days and I still enjoy the thrills. Maybe I am getting old but sometimes I scare myself silly too. LOL

I sometimes scare myself even on the straights excellerating hard through the gears in traffic. Even sillier is that this dude somethings shocked himself when the exhaust explodes LOUDLY unexpectedly. I must be getting old. Hahahaha

Of course I can't deny that I suddenly becomes a devil behind the wheel when the road opens up to some great mountain roads. Damn I miss my touge session to Frasiers Hill!!!

Pic 4: Nissan Skyline CPV35

Oh, by the way, the CPV35 Skyline coupe is also pretty stunning in it's own way. I know a fair bit of people gonna shoot me for saying that. LOL

What is all this nonsense ramblings? I must be really getting old. Hahahaha


  1. wow... those are really nice models of skylines...XD
    Btw...nanged ya post and clicked ya ads already ^^

  2. Dude...u got kids? If no, then keep the car, finish of the installments, and njoy the extra cash.

    If yes, still, keep the car. I've got 2 kids, and they can fit in the backseat. Use the extra cash to pay d/p for 2nd car. But don't buy now...the kids won't get big enough anytime soon.

    But if you decide to sell, I want your oil cooler and FMIC ahahahahahah

  3. bro.... don't sell it (that what they all say during ur v6ers time hehe) seriously, finish the instalment, enjoy the xtra cash!!!

    spinal prob? isma also had the same prob recently if im not mistaken...

  4. I also am in the same boat, but I also say keep your car. The BNR34 is a great machine no doubt, but it is also getting old and I think you won't get that "this is a new car" feel with it. Your car is a great street car with plenty of excellent mods. Stick with it :)

  5. Thank you Kennee. :)

    azmir1, 'lil princess on her way to this world soon. Noted on your requests. Hahaha

    crunchyahcock, yea a minor back problem. Now seems to be ok already. Yea man, I remember so many people telling me NOT to sell off my PV6. ;P

    Anonymous, well if I sell also I think I wouldn't get a BNR34. Either something downright boring or a sports sedan I guess.

    Any good offers? hahahaha

  6. wow! congratulations to u n ur wife!

  7. I think u r suffering from 'Pre-Daddy' jitters :p

  8. Bro Wilfred, nah it's just that PRIORITIES changes a fair bit when the little ones starts appearing. :P

  9. keep the er34. maybe your kid will enjoy the only classic in the house. i think you could always buy a backup car, like a small lil proton or something. no point selling a car when you spent time and money on it!

  10. Eu Jin,

    Hi from Australia :)

    I have always asked myself that same set of questions with regards to my ER34... and I can tell you, there is no easy answer!

    I've owned mine for 5 years and over this time I've only added 50,000km to the car. Yes, a very small number. The cost to insure and register the vehicle hardly makes it worthwhile.

    During this 5 years, I've also turned this car from a standard ER34 into something that surpasses the BNR34! How many dollars did I spend? Enough to buy 2 or 3 BNR34s :P

    The simple answer is this (for me anyway). If I sell, I part with something that I have personally invested 5 years into - it'll probably end up being crashed by the next owner (adding to the heartache).

    I've decided to keep mine, and just have dailies which I won't be tempted to modify. This has worked well so far.

  11. the feeling must be terribly complicated and it's like ending a long, loving, warm, thrill and etc relationship to keep moving on. wow!

    the er34 has been part of u, like flesh and bone, cannot be separated. keep the car. u'll be in a deep sorrow, ur mind will travel back to time keep reminding u the good ol' er34, whenever u see a er34/bnr34 with the owner grinning wide pass by!

    being old not by look or by attitude. it is in the heart. hehe.

    p/s: i once saw an old uncle drive a r35 with a pretty young lady~

  12. Not R but FR. Remember that. What about keeping the ER for weekends and Myvi or something which is very economical for everyday drive? Why do you want to be Brian O'Conner whereas you can be Eu Jin? Knowing that GTR would be a struggle for repayments? (i'm assuming) My dream car would be a Toyota Supra (shit, Brian O'Conner too) but I don't think I can reach it anytime soon unless I found a briefcase with cash in it, that is a different story. You can reduce ER's wear and tear but you'll be having 2 insurances and roadtaxes tho. Bear in mind that, if the ER is 10 or more years old, (2001 production if i'm not mistaken and its not in production anymore), I don't think its easy to apply for a car loan for it. If i were you, keep, strip naked, roll cage and Myvi auto a/c full blast every second, dynamat everywhere, and a good sound system.

  13. bro...i think the 'hose' in ya brain is a bit stuck...perhaps u need a touge session to 'unstuck' it...hehe...ring me anytime anywhere..if u need touge kaki...

    long live ER34...

  14. or better still....get a Blue color Hyundai I10 inspired model with the massive roof spoiler...forget about upgrades...coz there's practically nothing in there to mod...just put to D and drive...I mean "Drive Your Way"

  15. hahaha.. I had made my decision... Sold mine to an owner who converted it into Ztune.. Now its your turn......... Good Luck Bro...

  16. sell it for a bnr34

    and then keep it, once in a while....hunt ferrari,porsche

  17. Eujin,

    I got my ER34 earlier this year and it been a journey ever since. Part of my decision on a ER34 was your blog, when considering other performance ride like the S15, 350z, etc ...

    Yes, it comes a time when life changing decision come around again. I know the feeling when the first a person got the ER34, he tells himself, this car is a keeper for life.

    Look at it this way. Your at the end of your payment terms, finish it off and own the car. It might help with your financial as well with the monthly commitment gone. Well, it will be spend in another way. Believe me that your mod will gradually reduce once the baby comes into play. You'll know when you see those sweet eyes look back at you. No turbo kits can replace what your baby needs. By then, you be in better position or better state of mind to consider keeping the ER34 or parting with it. So don't jump the gun with initial thought.. unless your in a financial bind now. Your lucky you got a ER34 to sell. Imagine someone selling their 1.8 GSR Wira for scrap metal price.

    Adios !

  18. Hi Stan. You're right about ensuring on a purchasing a daily that one won't be tempted to modify. Modding two cars are twice the 'burden'. Thanks for sharing mate. Btw, would be keen to view your ER34. I bet it's gonna be a monster with the amount invested in it. Good on ya.

    Anonymous, spot on there. It's gonna be a long relationship man. I guess you're right, just like I still misses my PV6 now and then. An uncle in a R35 with a young lady? Maybe his daughter? Hehehe

    reff, hahaha. Never though of wanting to be Brian O'Conner. LOL
    Two roadtax is fine I guess coz IF there is a second car, it's gonna have a small capacity engine. Insurance then is another story alltogether. I like your idea of roll cage-ing the ER34. In fact it's in my wish list too. Hahaha

    alvinT, for sure bro. Will inform when the touge season starts. :P

    Dennis Ho, got any special deal for me? :)

    rehet, if I can sell off at 'that' price, I also fast fast let go bud.

  19. erm, yea man. Show them Italianos & Germans what JDMs can do eh?

    Che Wei, this blog was part of your decision making equation. Wow, thank you for saying that, I am flattered.

    Yeap, honestly I can't wait till the final replayments man. The extras will come in real handy. I did tell myself the ER34 is a keeper when I got it. Lets see where the road leads me to...

  20. Hey Eujin,

    I'm in the same situation as you. I'll be paying the car off by Dec 09 or Jan 2010 and i'll own it fully.

    There's a saying though which stays in my head all the time. No matter how you mod the 34, it will always be a 34GTT while you drool at the 34gtr :(

    Meantime, i drive a daily and use the 34 for weekends and in terms of mods i plan to go on mild mods but hey, don't we all say that when we first got the car.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Hi Teo. I guess in Australia, it's somewhat slightly easier to consider a second car due to the prices. :P

    Yea man. We all says that it's just mild mods when we got the car and somehow it went astray. Uhmm ... but mine is still in the mild category. hehe

  23. Get yourself an east bear GTS-R kit [http://www.east-bear.co.jp/shopbrand/003/X/] and then when you look at your car it will look just like a GT-R but without the big costs. The ER34 is a hot car......hey its good enough for Nomuken to use in D1! Ok yours isnt a 4 door so it should be even better right?

  24. Hi Roberto. Yeap, the East Bear kit rocks man. Unfortunately it also costs a bomb. I understand there are copies available in Australia. Did you kit yours?

  25. i'm already in your shoes now itself bro... ouch! this honda city of mine has a long list of mods too... i dono if i can fulfill my dream of owning a R34 in the future or not... aisey...

  26. any FI cars will do. but not NA pls...

    or try consider conti... hahahaha

  27. darius, keep on dreaming bro and it'll come true. :)

    Victor, doubt I'll go conti at the moment. Still very much very Jap inclined now. That's true about FI, once tried FI the feel of the rush when the turbine kicks in is stupendous.

  28. when ur car is fully paid for, keep ur car for a couple more years. then review on ur thoughts of sellin it. it would suck to regret selling it off in a hurry.

  29. Hey Eujin, just my share of thoughts, you dont neccesarilly have to heed mine:

    1)Sell the car, before the price plummets. You should really concentrate on the baby now. besides, the daughter is biological, a car is an inanimate object. (I wanna get rid of mine, but its a bitch coz not many could afford cash. So don't end up in my shoe, LOL)

    2)I know how it has been fucking up your mind. Same here! With everynight being a little bit over ambitious with mods. A mind zapper, pocket sucker, etc. Sell it, peace of mind, good sleep, problem solved.

    3)Time to move on to a family car brother! How bout a beemer for a change? They are marvelous!

    Again, just my opinion! I would definitely do it, coz seriously, i FEEL SO GOD DAMN OLD already!!!!

  30. Zul, noted bro.

    rych, you're absolutely right when you said to sell the car before the price is down and that buyers would have difficulty in getting loan due to the age of the car.

    The problem is once you've felt the power and rush of forced induction, going to NA really sucks.

    A beemer? I can't afford that image dude. People will think that I have cash overflowing out from my nose. Besides, with beemer it's gonna be Hamann, AC Schnitzer, Alpina, etc.... :D

    I think we are about the same age bro and yeah time is really creeping up on us.

  31. Hi Eu Jin,

    Not ramblings at all. As I mentioned to you a while back, I was looking at getting a "proper" 4-door aswell, and asked you about how the Evo VIII compared to the 34. And yes, While the BNR34 would be awesome I couldn't convince my wife to let me sell the ER34 just to buy another 34 (women eh?) :)

    I was thinking of going for something sedate (something european, something four doors), but most of the sedate cars I like within my price bracket are a little on the boring side.

    Oh well, when you figured out what you're going to do, let me know too, cuz i'm totally confused as well.

    Btw, if you're on facebook eujin add me :) howie.ly (att) gmail (dot) com ... I hardly go on blogspot these days.



  32. Howie, the Sti Ver. 10 is a nice 4 door hatch too. :P

    I've added you in facebook already.

  33. Heya Eu Jin,

    Thanks for the add. Don't mind the new STI hatch, the only problem is they're a little common here.


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