Friday, January 15, 2010

Apexi Power FC with Hand Commander

Pic 1: What's in the box??

With greater power comes greater engine management (sorry can't help it with this line). :P

Well not exactly greater power in my case but when one fiddles with the car more and touches on aspects that will affect air fuel ratio, fuelling, ignition timing, etc .... invariably the brain of the car would need to be tweaked to accommodate these changes.

Some opt for piggyback systems to trick the factory ECu to modify its parameters. Of course this works and would cost less damage to the wallet, but this also slightly inferior to a full remap of the ECU.

Pic 2: The unveiling. Hehe

Now this is where full-blown stand alone ECU replacement comes into the picture. Many regard the Apexi Power FC as the ultimate aftermarket stand-alone ECU for the RB series engine. The main reasons is pretty clear:-

- It utilizes the factory wiring harness. Just plug it in.
- Availability and access to many tuners (some even tune it themselves).

- Superior compared to generic ECUs as Power FC is engine specific thus items like cold idling shouldn't be much of an issue
- etc...

Of course there are other options out there with more mapping points like the HKS FCON VPro which has 32X32 load map versus Power FC's 20X20 load map. HKS FCON VPro is thus more expensive but the main issue with it is the availability of tuners as only HKS appointed dealers could tune the ECU. And tuning fees are sky high.

Pic 3: Apexi Power FC!!

The good thing about Power FC is that it comes preloaded with a base map tuned for basic modifications such as exhaust, boost controller and air filter upgrade. As such, you can just plug it in and drive away before more refined tuning is done on the dyno/road.

Below is a list of available functions on the Power FC for the ER34

AirTemp - Air Temperature Airflow
Airflow Meter Voltage
BatVolt - Battery Voltage
Boost - Boost Pressure (Bar)
Eng Rev - Engine RPM
IgnTmng - Ignition Timing
InjDuty - Injector Duty
Knock - Knock Sensor
Speed - Speed KM/H
WtrTemp - Water Temperature

Acceler. - Acceleration Enrichment
Airflow - Airflow Meter Voltage Table
Boost - Boost Pressure
Cranking - Cold Start Cranking Table
Ign Map - Ignition Map
Ign/Inj - Ignition and Injection Temporary Adjust
Inj Map - Injection Map
Injector - Injector Latency
Rev/Idle - Rev and Idle Settings
Wtr Temp - Water Temp Correction Table

Pic 4: This is what's inside a complete Power FC set. :)

The Power FC can also be used to control boost via an optional boost controller kit. This kit consists of Map Sensor, Map Sensor Harness and a Solenoid. I already have the HKS EVC 4 installed thus would not require the boost control kit. Besides there have been not so great reports of this kit.

I have in my hand two (2) sets of the Power FC completed with hand controller. Yes it's not a typo, I have TWO sets of this ECU. You all know how rare it is since Apexi has discontinued it already. So if you're keen, shoot me an email via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com. Ridiculously low price offers will not be entertained. :)

Only 1 set will be for sale as uhmm.... I'll need the other unit for my small project later on. :P

Pic 5: Power FC and hand commander

Pic 6: The ECU

Pic 7: The hand commander

Pic 8: My extra set for sale!!


  1. EJ,

    With this Power FC, you still need to use stock ECU too right? Anyway's long live RB!! Hehe

  2. Fir, no man. Power FC is a stand alone ECU. The stock ECU will be replaced with this.

  3. eu jin can u find some for s15?please

  4. Anonymous, sure but who are you? :)

  5. Bro can my 350Z use it? Do let me know if can coz i looking forward to change my ECU.....

  6. Bro do you have ways on getting Mine's Tune ECU for my 350Z???

  7. Viper, mine is vehicle specific, i.e. only for the ER34.

    I would suggest a tuneable ECU like Power FC instead of Mine's coz it's basically a remap of your original ECU and don't know anyone that can retune it for you.

  8. Oic thanks for the info bro. Will try find the power FC that suit my ride.

  9. got selling price range for the power fc ?

  10. Hi, does this unit fit for ECR33 ? As in plug & play as well ?

  11. owtaman, nope. This will not work in an ECR33.

  12. Hi there, i am trying to piggy back my bnr34 gtr power fc onto my er34 gtt and all is working except i have no injector pulse and only 4degrees timing when i crank the engine? any ideas??


    Thank you

  13. Hi Shannon. Not really but why not just sell off the BNR34 Power FC and replaced it with a ER34 Power FC? Then all your problems is solved.

  14. Eu

    Im interested in the Power FC do you still have it?

  15. Anonymous, it is already sold mate.


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