Sunday, January 03, 2010

ER34 Fuel Filter

Pic 1: Nissan Fuel Filter (Part No. 16400-0W0X0)

Despite still looking good (
Well at least to me it still looks pretty good), the ER34 is not young anymore. At certain age, components like suspension bushes and various other bits will wear out.

We've always heard of people changing their filters at various intervals, be it oil filter, air filter or even air-cond filters. But one thing that most neglect to do is to change the fuel filter. A fuel filter as its name implies, is an element designed to filter the impurities contained in the fuel.

Without a fuel filter, the fuel injectors would get clogged very fast, because even if the fuel was clean when it came out of the refinery, it still needs to be transported, and a lot of the impurities come from fuel being stored and transported in dirty containers, not to mention that the fuel tank in your own car has dirt and many other particles at the bottom of it.

Pic 2: Nissan Fuel Filter

It is crucial to replace the fuel filter at regular intervals to keep it from getting clogged. A clogged fuel filter will make your fuel pump work harder as it is trying to pump fuel to the fuel injectors, plus when a filter gets very clogged, your vehicle will starve for fuel under acceleration, causing you to lose power, and to have a lean fuel mixture.

Thus finally (yeah I know it's a bit late!), I've procured the Nissan Fuel Filter (Part No. 16400-0W0X0) to replace the aging unit in the ER34. Just a small component that would enable the ER34 to run just a bit healthier. :)

Pic 3: Nissan Fuel Filter

Pic 4: Nissan Fuel Filter (Part No. 16400-0W0X0)


  1. Wonder how dirty is in your old fuel filter?
    Be careful not to heat it up! It will blow!
    Is there any way we can see inside and how much dirt is in there? :P

  2. Vince, not sure how dirty as haven't replace it yet. Will get it done sometime in January 2010. :)

    Of course will not heat it up. Not even gonna keep it, will probably just chuck it away.

  3. Actually there is a myth that fuel filter will never get clogged by normal use. Was wondering if that is true.

  4. Not sure on that, am just changing it as a precaution that's all.

  5. It will clogged. EJ, I had mine replace every 3yrs or 60K km, whichever comes 1st. It is dirty mate...

  6. That's the trouble with metal fuel filters. Can't see the clogs. Unlike the one in a Nissan sunny B13, it's plastic but heh that's not a high performance car, is it ^-^;


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