Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sard 265 per litre Fuel Pump

Pic 1: SARD Fuel Pump

How many of you guys knew what SARD stands for? I bet most if not all would never have guess that SARD actually is an
abbreviation for
Sigma Automotive Racing Development. Now that is something new eh??

Anyway, back to the purpose of this blog entry .......

Fueling and power comes hand in hand; well of course with the exception of those eco friendly cars. Gasoline powered cars running bigger capacity injectors or additional injectors, especially coupled with bigger turbo or higher boost requires good and steady fuel supply. This is where the fuel pump comes in play.

SARD made a myriad of fuel pump catering to different needs or state of tune. They have a 130 l/h, 165 l/h, 265 l/h, 280 l/h and many more different varients.
All of them are high performance in-tank type pump that provides steady fuel pressure and keeps supplying enough fuel in any engine rpm. The one I have in my hand is the 265 litres per hour SARD Fuel Pump. Well, although I don't have upgraded injectors (yet!), I reckon I'll still need the SARD fuel pump to supply the excess fuel demanded by the ER34 when my upgrade project starts happening.

So yeah, here ya go with some pictures. :)

Pic 2: Top view

Pic 3: SARD Fuel Pump


  1. I wish to but guess not la due to budgetary issues. :(

  2. How do you like the SARD 265LPH fuel pump? Is it quiet like a factory fuel pump? I'm supercharging my 2008 Infiniti G35S (Nissan 350GT V36)and will be running Denso 660cc injectors, I want a good fuel pump. The S/C kit comes with the Walbro 255LPH which is loud and inconsistent with fuel flow. Can you post where you bought the SARD 265LPH fuel pump at please?

  3. Anonymous, it emits a drone actually. Not really quiet but still much better than an external fuel pump.

    Shoot me an email if you need help. Cheers.

  4. So the SARD 265 LPH has a drone, have you ever used a Walbro 255 LPH?. The Walbro 255 LPH is really big in the USA because of the flow and cheap price. I'm not a big fan of the Walbro because you can hear the drone in the cabin at idle. My Infiniti G35S plastic fuel pump basket requires a 38 mm outside diameter fuel pump, I have a brand new NipponDenso Toyota Supra fuel pump but it has a 50mm OD casing which will not work without serious modifications. The SARD 265 LPH would be perfect, but how loud is the drone? I have used the Toyota Supra TT fuel pump (270 LPH) OD 50mm on past project cars and it is fantastic, inaudible and perfectly consistent flow. If you could just give me a review of the SARD, I would appreciate it.

  5. You could have used the NipponDenso Toyota Supra TT (270 LPH) fuel pump pn# 950-0155. Your car uses a metal fuel pump hanger which is really easy to adapt the Supra TT fuel pump to it. You cannot hear the Supra pump at all with the car running and it is extremely reliable, plus it flows a ton of fuel.

  6. Chris, nope have not tried Walbro coz there are too many fakes floating around. Not gonna take chances with it.

    The drone is not loud as in intrusive. You'll hear it upon starting the engine up inside the cabin. When the radio is on, you can't hear it at all.

  7. Anyone know technical info about Sard 265? i have walbro 255 and need to change, but i don't know if the Sard 265 it's enough or the same of Walbro 255


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