Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rocker Cover Gaskets & Crank Oil Seals

Pic 1: Rocker Cover Gaskets - Intake & Exhaust Side

Just bought gaskets for the intake and exhaust side of my rocker covers and also 3 units of crank oil seals. Now why would I wanna get these parts? Hmmmm..........

1X Rocker Cover Gasket - Intake Side (Part No. 13270-58S11)
1X Rocker Cover Gasket - Exhaust Side (Part No. 13270-58S01)
3X Crank Oil Seals - (Part No. 13510-50B10)

Anyone interested in getting the same; especially my overseas readers do shoot me an email via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com. :)

Pic 2: Crank Oil Seals


  1. Hie Eujin, been a reader of your blog for quite sometime now :) I hope I could get a skyline like yours in near future. Actually I have a question on those parts you got there. Mind to share how you got those parts for your car? I was wondering if you're getting those from somewhere outside MY? If yes, can you share some infos on how you make those transactions? As I was planning to get some stuff from Thailand but not sure how I get it over (like those customs declaration)

  2. Hi Jerry, thanks for reading and now finally commenting.

    Most OE parts I get it locally but majority of my performance parts I purchase it via my contacts in Japan.

    Thailand? Go there for a holiday and purchase it. Air tickets are cheap via airasia. :P

    Customs will definitely tax your parts. I sort of have a little trick and luck after doing it so many times. :)

    Here are some of my visits and the places you can check out in Bangkok.




  3. hehe, eujin is the man to talk to if you ever wanted to do more stuffs to your skyline!

    btw bro, mind sharing how u managed to pacify the customs department? we can swap swap ideas :P

  4. CCC, mixture of proper paperwork, luck and a smiling face. I used to go quite often last time till they also can recognize me. Nowadays a lot lesser coz I'm selling more than I am buying. LOL

  5. remember to change the 'half-moons' as well while u r changing the rocker cover gaskets. see SAU for more info on it.


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