Saturday, January 02, 2010

Screamer Pipe

Pic 1: The screamer pipe

Have you heard the sound of an RB engine when the wastegate opens and the car screams out a high pitched sound that would make the whole neighborhood to hate your guts? Well, that is a screamer pipe.

What da fark is is it anyway? Well, a screamer pipe is the external wastegate exhaust pipe that 'legally' should be joined back into the exhaust before the catalytic converter. When it does not joins back into the exhaust, it vents outs straight out into the atmosphere creating a noise similar to a high pitched Jet scream. Very loud, very cool and very illegal too. :P

Pic 2: This is where it vents to the atmosphere

Pic 3: Let me hear ya screeeaammmm .....

Pic 4: The welding works are not bad indeed

It is illegal as it is allows the dumping/venting of exhaust gases that have not past the catalytic converter (surely fails emissions test) as well as being too loud (noise pollution). But hey, the ER34 isn't even running a catalytic converter. Yes, laws are a bit relaxed here in Malaysia. I'll probably get loads of defect notice if I'm in Australia. LOL :D

Gonna be fitting this babe onto the ER34 pretty soon. Well if you've no idea how it would sounds like, check out the below video of an BCNR33 with a screamer pipe installed. :)

I'll get a video of mine once I get it done along with other coming mods.....

Let me hear ya screeeaammmm .....


  1. alright bro! fit it in!

    i had mine removed when i converted to s15 turbo. on an sr it roars like a thunderous biatch. wat more on an rb.

  2. *Jealous*

    Hehe......I think your apartment tenants will hate you so much.

    Emission is bad....not sure if it's good for passerby breathing those gases

  3. Zul, yea man. Wanna hear it scream!

    nic, yea possibly some of them already do. LOL :D

  4. RB26 sound make me high. The wastegate sound make me orgasm... hahahaha

  5. Aiyo too bad mine just a RB25DET. You won't get high listening to it. LOL

  6. unlike some... where i'm stayin' ppl love the sound of modded cars!!!

  7. EJ,

    My friend's dorifto Ceffy with RB25DET also going to fit this... can't wait to try it out myself!! :)


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