Saturday, January 23, 2010

HKS GT-RS turbine

Pic 1: HKS GT-RS turbine

The inevitable has come! The ER34 needs a new turbine to power it's heart.

I've always told myself to modify the stock Garrett TE27 turbine to a ball bearing unit and replace the fragile ceramic fins to stainless steel versions. That is a slightly cheaper alternative yet provides just enough additional juice to keep me happy.

I've been waiting for that day to come for quite a while because I knew one fine day, I'm gonna blow the ceramic fins of the stock turbine. Amazingly though, it withstood all my punishments todate. Or perhaps I don't push her hard enough?!?

I dunno about that, but what I do know is that, finally I have in my hands something better than just modifying the stock turbine. Yes sir, I've got the HKS GT-RS turbine ready to bolt onto the ER34's RB25DET NEO! Woohoo!!!

Pic 2: On a WGNC34, the GT-RS netted 395ps and 463.8Nm of torque :O

HKS GT-RS ball bearing turbo upgrades are bolt-on turbo upgrade kits for the RB engines. These are designed to bolt directly on to the stock manifold. Together with Garrett, HKS designed and sized the turbine for maximum power and response throughout the RPM band. The GT-RS turbine is rated at a very usable 400ps! *grins*

The one I have has a T25 flange thus I've got to change the exhaust housing to a T3 flange in order to bolt on to the manifold of the ER34. Other than that I've also got to fabricate new stainless steel braided oil lines. And then we are good to go!

I've heard, read and also test driven an ER34 with the GT-RS and the response on this turbine is nothing short of superb! I can't wait to get this baby into the ER34 and start making a little bit more ponies. Yeah boy, the ER34 project is starting to get just a little bit on the serious side in the engine bay.

Some specifications of the HKS GT-RS:-

Compressor Wheel:
- Trim: 52
- Entrance Diameter : 51.2mm
- Major Diameter : 71.1mm

Compressor Housing:
- A/R: 0.60

Turbine Wheel:
- Trim: 76
- Major Diameter : 53.8mm
- Exit Diameter : 47.0mm

Exhaust Housing:
- Entrance flange: GT25
- Exit Flange: S/V GT25
- A/R: 0.64

Pic 3:
HKS GT-RS turbine with oil lines

Pic 4: This is a super responsive snail!

Pic 5: Top view

Pic 6: Rear view

Pic 7: HKS GT-RS emblem

Pic 8: HKS Actuators

Pic 9: Can't wait to bolt this babe onto the ER34


  1. Leo, but still a loooong way to go man. :P

  2. tink ur front inlet piping also have to change, GTRS for er34 is slightly different from the S15 ones,(inlet and exhaust housing of 6bolts compared to 5bolts of ur unit). dont forget to up ur injectors and fuel pump too!! good luck

  3. Hi Anonymous, you are absolutely right. The front inlet of the GT-RS is different but it can remain. I'll change the stock piping with one of the correct flange. Stock one have 3 bolts holes where as the GT-RS have 2 bolts.

  4. Ken, it is a snail! But of a faster variety compared to the garden kind. :P

  5. welcome to the world of ball bearing hair dryers! :D

  6. My A4 can change to this one arr?????? Super cool if can wor...hehehehehe....

    Anyway... congratulations bro for making your maiden step into the world of ball bering "blower" ... The first day you get in, is actually the first day you ought to get a bigger one... muhahahahaha......LOL!

  7. Toyol, lol. Bigger it is more lag la. I am aftering response and not outright hp figures. :P

  8. This post is really helpful. So is it available also in the west? I am planning to have my kit replaced.

  9. uro parts, yes it is also available in the west.

  10. thats a 5bolt elbow to use with that turbo, not a 6bolt like stock


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