Sunday, May 22, 2011

Skyline Club at the Kolej Komuniti Bentong open day

Pic 1: The cars on display

The Skyline chaps were invited to display their cars at the open day of the Kolej Komuniti Bentong yesterday. And so the club went with a couple of BNR32, BNR34, ECR33 and ER34. The venue is not exactly near, I think I clocked in close to 200km from my house to the venue and back home.

Nothing much happened there, basically it's just a car display during the college's open day. Here's some pic of the day.

Pic 2: This is the most popular car of the day

Pic 3: They are checking out a BNR32 with a RB30 heart

Pic 4: The cars on display. Nice ECR33 there.

Pic 5: Different wings for different folks

Pic 6: The group

Pic 7: The group of R34s

Pic 8: The group of R32s

Pic 9: Same car, different face

Pic 10: Hakosuka GT-R emblem

Pic 11: Manic sound system in a BNR34

Pic 12: Now that's a clean engine bay of an ER34

Pic 13: The cops are in da house!

Pic 14: No escaping ....

Pic 15: Some small chat

Pic 16: Heading home back to the capital, Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, May 12, 2011

ER34 have been LED-ed masssively

Pic 1: LED Taillights + LED signal indicators

I've always been a fan of the Nismo GT LED Taillights. Unfortunately, due to cost reasons, it have been out of my reach for a long while. But looking back, I'm thankful I didn't splurge on those lights as now there's a much better alternative in the market.

Via JDM Auto Link, I've acquired a fair bit of LED lights for the ER34. They are:-

1) LED taillights with LED indicators
2) LED third brake light
3) LED reverse + LED fog lights

Pic 2: LED Taillights + LED signal indictors

Pic 3: LED third brake light

Pic 3: LED reverse + LED fog lights

The LED tailights have the exact same pattern as the Nismo GT LED taillights but in addition to that, it also have LED signal indicators which the Nismo version do not have. Another good point is that it is much brighter than the Nismo version. Yes I've heard of complains that the Nismo version is not bright enough. :)

The LED tailights are manufactured using used original R34 tailights core. This kept the prices lower but still offers top notch factory quality. The LEDs and boards are of course brand new items. Definitely a lot better than those crap offerings from Taiwan with the ugly chrome taillight core.

The LED third brake light are a lot simpler. The LEDs comes in a board and it just slots right into the original third brake light housing. Two small holes are drilled on the housing to screw in the board. I suppose you can also use two way tape but screws are a lot more secure for me.

Pic 3: Insert in the LED third brake light board

Pic 6: Close back the cover

Pic 7: LED reverse + LED fog lights

The last and crème de la crème
of the LED lights are the reverse+foglights. Instead of going for the 'factory look' of either the ER34 (both reverse lights) or the BNR34 (one reverse and one fog light), I had mine done whereby both the lights functions as fog lights when the headlights are turned on and both will turn into reverse lights when the reverse gear is engaged. I think it's really wicked!

Below are some shots taken in the carpark. Didn't have the time to get proper shots/video. These will do for now. :)

Pic 8: The LED fog lights are really bright!

Pic 9: The LED reverse lights is even brighter!

Pic 10: Up close ... LED signal indicators

Pic 11: All lighted up

Pic 12: LEDs

Pic 13: All lighted up

Pic 14: All lighted up

Pic 15: All lighted up

Pic 16: Up close ...

Pic 17: All lighted up

Friday, May 06, 2011

Prince & Skyline Museum

Now, this is one place that I need to visit......... It was closed for winter last time when I wanted to go there. Sigh......

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