Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nissan Hako-Stagea

Pic 1: Nissan Hako-Stagea - front

Now we have seen how the BNR34 and CBA-R35 front was grafted into the Nissan Stagea before but this conversion have to really take the cake!

Check out this Nissan Stagea that has a Hakosuka conversion done to it. The whole front is from the Hakosuka while the rear has neat chrome accents in an attempt to blend in the old skool style. It even has those nice flared arches all round.

Some might love it while others will loathe at it, but one thing for sure, it's damn hell of a unique conversion.

Pic 2: Nissan Hako-Stagea - rear

Monday, September 20, 2010

A retune of the ER34

Pic 1: Power FC Datalogit

I got the ER34 retuned again today. Basically need to fine tune some stuffs on the ignition map. I need to make some changes on the higher rpm thus arises the need to take the car up to high gear and high rpm. That means I have to go fast!
Now, I do not condone speeding nor am I a top-speed freak but I had to do this to get the map tidied up. Yeah so there ya go.

I only managed to take the ER34 up to 6,188rpm on fifth gear before I ran out of road or had to slow down (way in advance!) due to traffic up ahead. The ER34 redlines at 7,000rpm thus there's still some room to go. As the stock instrument cluster only goes up to 180km/h, the actual speed thankfully can be viewed via the data logs. Now I can safely say the ER34 is VERY safe to run up on higher boost even on a hot sunny day. :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Willans Harness Pad

Pic 1: Willans Harness Pad

Just got this in from the UK. Original Willans Harness Pad to replace my aging unit. Now the interior looks much better with these on. The crummy old ones are pretty much used past its useful life. :P

Pic 2: Willans Harness Pad

Pic 3: Now it does look much better eh?

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