Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Willans Harness Pad

Pic 1: Willans Harness Pad

Just got this in from the UK. Original Willans Harness Pad to replace my aging unit. Now the interior looks much better with these on. The crummy old ones are pretty much used past its useful life. :P

Pic 2: Willans Harness Pad

Pic 3: Now it does look much better eh?


  1. bro,

    i think i found you at RnR tapah around 3-4+ pm towards south, wny 2*2 , right?

    really nice car, but a lot of smoke stain at bumper n rear bonet, running too rich? hehe...

  2. Hi there. Yes that was me in Tapah R&R. I made a quick stop to rest my tired eyes for 10 mins before continuing the journey to KL. Was dead tired. :P

    Combination of flames and exhaust fumes stained the bumper. Got to get it cleaned tomorrow. A/F ratio is fine actually. Hmmm....

    Thanks for dropping a note here. :)


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