Friday, August 27, 2010

Lamborghini 300ZX

Pic 1: This bumper looked familiar....

I spotted this Nissan Fairlady 300ZX (Z32) recently in a bodykit shop. Horrors it be, it's being converted to replicate the Lamborghini Gallardo. :O

While in standard form, the Z32 may not be that much of a looker but compliment it with a nice bodykit and the appropriate wheels, it'll stand out looking real handsome. If only the owner of this car did just that.

Well I have a lot of comments but I think I'll let the pictures speak for itself ..... plus I do not want to offend anyone. Hahaha


Pic 2: Quadruple exhausts!?!?!

Pic 3: Some vents here ...

Pic 4: X-Wing :P

Pic 5: Mouth of 'da bull

Pic 6: Uhmm .....

Pic 7: Wonder if real Gallardo lights gonna be fitted there....guess probably not.

Pic 8: Another shot of the vents


  1. Looks pretty sick/clean and all but i'd prefer pentroof z32 over it anyday ;D

  2. Fuh.. Another Z32 being converted into a Gallardo..

    Not long ago (around a year or so) I spotted a similar white Z32 with a Gallardo look-a-like bodykit along the Federal Highway exiting towards Subang Airport..

    Was excited to spot a Gallardo, but almost puked when it turns out to be a Z32 Gallardo-wannabe.. LOL

  3. the back doesn't look all that bad... But the front just doesn't suit at all...

  4. i would like to know where i could order that Gallardo Kit for the Z?? that's perfectly Slick . . . point is, the headlights/hood could be modified to take the Nissan GTR Headlights, pretty close to the Gallardo . . .

  5. Ugly as fuck dont wreck a Z. If you want a lambo get a lambo. Because replica's of more common super cars are stupid and never turn out right.

  6. agree wz anonymous.... but bro, where's the bodyshop anyway.... i wanna see 4 my self on what this shop is making soon

  7. shop in is around gombak iic parking lot.i parked beside it

  8. Darwin Award... These people never fail to amaze me. A Z32 is a beaut by itself and a class of its own. Kiasu... Seriously, if you can't afford one, stick to the original.

    The owner is making a mockery of himself by doing this.

  9. Does anyone know if the front core support from a 300zx 2+2 will match up on a 300zx twin turbo? I know the radiator supports are different but is anything else?


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