Monday, August 02, 2010

Riceboy R34 Headlights

Pic 1: Riceboy R34 headlights

This is proof that riceboy-ness (Ah Beng Syndrome for those residing in Malaysia and Singapore) do exist in hip and cool Japan. Check out these R34 Xenon headlights that have been modified to have daytime running lights (ala Audi) and also CCFL rings (ala BMW). Uber ugly if you ask me.

If I see anyone R34 with these lights on the street, I'm gonna give the owner a bitch slap! Hahahaha

Pic 2: Riceboy R34 headlights

Pic 3: Riceboy R34 headlights


  1. hahahaha! i was wondering what that would look like!!

  2. PLEASE DO IT EJ!!!!

    AH Lians will love it :P

  3. I like the bitch slap part. Have another couple more on my behalf!


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