Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Away for 3 weeks.....

Hi all. Just a short note to say that I'll be away for 3 weeks in May 2008 thus my blog will not be updated in this period of time. I will be overseas with limited internet access. But will of course drop by and check out comments (if any) to reply to. :P

I hope to share some of my adventures via this blog when I get back to Malaysia. Hopefully there are some that's automotive related. :P

In the meantime, the ER34 will be hibernating in it's cave for the time being. Gonna be missing my ER34 and the sweet sound of the RB engine....

See ya!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A lonesome IMPUL 534S Front Bumper?

Many people have commented that the IMPUL 534S front bumper looked very good on the ER34. I have yet to come across another ER34 in Malaysia with the same bumper that is running around on the street. :)

Some have mentioned the ER34 looked a little weird without side skirts and a rear bumper to match. So I was just thinking out loud, are fitting in the IMPUL 534S rear bumper and side skirts needed to make the ER34 complete? The full bodykit also comprises of a GT style rear wing which I am not keen about though.

Do share your thoughts on what should I do via the comments function.

Should I:-

1) Source for the IMPUL 534S rear bumper and side skirts?
2) Just leave it as it is......
3) Do some other things? Ok do what? Suggest to me pls.........

So I'll look at the comments by the end of May 2008 and shall decide to do what my readers suggested me to do.

The power is in your hands.......

PS. No, I do not wish to convert to the BNR34 look!

Pic 1: Front of the 534S

Pic 2: Rear of the 534S

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Okuyama Carbing Front Lower Arm Bar

Carbing is a renowned name especially in the area of chassis reinforcement parts. Being part of the Okuyama after market parts manufacturer, it was established way back in 1977, specializing in high performance suspension and chassis reinforcement parts.

Being from a motorsports background, one can be assured that their parts will feature the ultimate in quality. I've recently sourced the Okuyama Carbing Front Lower Arm Bar for the ER34 (Part No. 680119 0).

Pic 1: The package has landed!

The lower arm bar is an undercarriage reinforcement part, which helps to get the best performance that suspensions can naturally offer. It bridges left and right suspension arm’s mounting points together so as to prevent suspension member from twisting, thus wheel alignment keeps straight.

It also increases body stiffness because it is mounted at the frame where it is directory attached to the body. The design features an oval shaft (20×40φ) made of STKM13A steel which has a high strong endurance against twisting. The mounting brackets are welded very neatly onto the bar. Great workmanship!

The Carbing front lower arm bar should increase the chassis rigidity of the ER34 for improved handling and predictability during enthusiastic driving. I've yet to install it. It will reside in my store room for the time being until I have the time to get it done. Maybe in a month or two's time. Hehehe

Special thanks must go to bro Lufias for arranging for the purchase and getting it hand carried back to Malaysia from Japan. :)

Pic 2: This is what's inside

Pic 3: A closer look at the Okuyama Carbing Front Lower Arm Bar

Pic 4: The welding works

Pic 5: The welding works

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A different kind of "Skyline"

Pic 1: Check out those headlights and air dams

On one of my many trips to Johor Bharu, the southern most city of Malaysia, I spotted this first generation RX-7 that has been modified externally to a great extend. What attracted me initially was the vehicle sporting R34 rear lights. When I walk towards the vehicle for a closer inspection, more 'goodies' came into view. :P

The RX-7 also incorporated Z32 Fairlady headlights and also a WRX rear wing. Talk about mix-and-match! Slap on a wild bodykit with bling wheels and this is what you get.............

Pic 2: Rear 3/4 view

Pic 3: R34 rear lights and WRX rear spoiler

Pic 4: Widebody and deep dish wheels!

Pic 5: Widebody and deep dish wheels!

Pic 6: More bodykit at the top

Pic 7: Intricate indeed

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Malaysia Skyline Club Gathering 120408

Pic 1: Fuel up before the highway blast!

Last Friday was a club meet with the Malaysia Skyline Club. As usual, we met up for drinks at the usual outlet prior to the obligatory midnite blast on the highway. There were perhaps 15 cars or so that day, not a lot of cars but it was great to meet up with the guys again. Got to know some new faces and was excellent to know that some of them reads this blog. :P

Some of the guys have seriously upgraded their ride and the beautiful engine bay kinda makes me envious. Gosh, when will I have enough spare cash to do it? Was really tempted to post up the picture of the engine bay but think the owner will want to keep it hush-hush. :P

When everyone has arrived, we set off for a drive to Cyberjaya via the KL-Putrajaya Highway again as per our last meet-up. Darn, those front runners are fast! They're probably going around 260km/h while I was straining to keep their taillights in sight. Hahahaha

We had a 'lil pitstop at the Seri Wawasan Putrajaya Bridge before heading to Cyberjaya for some late night supper. That's good coz I was starving; some food and drinks would do me good. :)

Here are some pictures of the night. Did not snap a lot tho; sorry for the lack of quality shots.

Pic 2: Enroute on the New Pantai Expressway

Pic 3: At the Seri Wawasan Putrajaya Bridge

Pic 4: At the Seri Wawasan Putrajaya Bridge

Friday, April 11, 2008

Meeting Kazuyoshi Hoshino of IMPUL

Pic 1: Kazuyoshi Hoshino (President) and Yutaka Kaneko (Vice-President) of HOSHINO IMPUL Co., Ltd.

Recently, I got a chance to meet Kazuyoshi Hoshino, the President of HOSHINO IMPUL Co., Ltd. IMPUL is an aftermarket parts company specialised in Nissan vehicles. He was in Malaysia in conjunction with the launch of the Nissan Latio tuned by IMPUL.

Not only being the founder of IMPUL, Hoshino-san has an illustrious career in motor racing. He was a 90cc and 125cc Motocross Champion before switching over to racing cars. Hoshino-san has participated in Formula 1 Grand Prix, Japanese Formula 2, F3000, Fuji 1,000km and of course the Japanese Touring Car Championship.

Most will know Hoshino via his association with the R32 Calsonic IMPUL Skyline that was dominating the Japanese Touring Car Championship. He became synonymous with the Nissan Skyline after competing and winning in the in the said vehicle. He no longer races nowadays but instead are the Team Director for TEAM IMPUL.

I was delighted when he signed my Kyosho 1:18 diecast model of the R32 Calsonic IMPUL Skyline and also some of my GTR magazines. :P

Thanks to Alan from NISMO Malaysia for the invite. Appreciates it.

Good to meet the owner of the R34 Skyline GTR M-Spec Nur too. :)

Pic 2: Hoshino explaining and exploring the details of the model

Pic 3: The signed masterpiece :P

Pic 4: Signing the R34 Best Album Magazine

Pic 5: Signing the R32 Best Album Magazine

Pic 6: R34 Skyline GTR M-Spec Nur

Pic 7: R34 Skyline GTR M-Spec Nur

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A short getaway in Phuket, Thailand

Pic 1: Karon Beach, Phuket

Quite a bit of people wondered where I went missing for the past 2 weeks. Well, I was kinda busy travelling outstation (quite often these days) and also managed to spent some time in Phuket, Thailand.

I was there for work and boy did I enjoy the place (despite the work bit!). An amazing sight is spotting a "tut tut" (Thai taxi) with R32 rear lights flush mounted onto the vehicle. That's way cool; too bad I didn't manage to get a shot of that. The darn vehicle was travelling fast on the hilly coastal roads of the island.

Although I was only there for a couple of days, the fun I had was very memorable. My vehicular passion was satisfied with some fun on the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) into a jungle trail pass slopes, mud and elephant dung! Too bad didn't have the time for a session on the go-kart though. :P

I also visited the Phuket Shooting Range for some firepower action. Opted for the 0.45 caliber automatic pistol and did some shots. Now that was really fun and the recoil was way more powerful than my first firearm experience with a 0.22 caliber rifle.

Pic 2: Carnival Village in Phuket Fantasea

Pic 3: Palace of the Elephants Theater in Phuket Fantasea

Well, I suppose no trip to Phuket is fit without the visit to Phuket Fantasea, touted as the “the ultimate cultural theme park” by the Tourism Authorities of Thailand. It was fun and all that jazz but the Patong Beach at night is far more 'interesting'. Girls and "ladyboys" dancing on poles in the Gogo Bars are a better sight. Hahahaha

The white sandy beach of Phuket is beautiful. The water of the Andaman Sea was crystal clear and such a joy to swim in. I had so much fun swimming and not surprisingly got a bit burnt. :(

There were loads of Caucasians frolicking in the ocean and trying to get an even tan. Errr.....yes there were some that were topless. :P

Ok....Don't wanna spend too much on this post entry. Here are some pictures...... Enjoy!

Pic 4: One of the many Gogo bars along Bangla Road, Patong Beach

Pic 5: Bamboo worms anyone??

Pic 6: Interesting PC I spotted in a restaurant

Pic 7: Got to love 'em beach chairs

Pic 8: Topless beach patrons. Sorry got to censor 'em....

Pic 9: White sandy Karon Beach

Pic 10: Check out the babe in shades coming out of the water.....
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