Saturday, April 19, 2008

A different kind of "Skyline"

Pic 1: Check out those headlights and air dams

On one of my many trips to Johor Bharu, the southern most city of Malaysia, I spotted this first generation RX-7 that has been modified externally to a great extend. What attracted me initially was the vehicle sporting R34 rear lights. When I walk towards the vehicle for a closer inspection, more 'goodies' came into view. :P

The RX-7 also incorporated Z32 Fairlady headlights and also a WRX rear wing. Talk about mix-and-match! Slap on a wild bodykit with bling wheels and this is what you get.............

Pic 2: Rear 3/4 view

Pic 3: R34 rear lights and WRX rear spoiler

Pic 4: Widebody and deep dish wheels!

Pic 5: Widebody and deep dish wheels!

Pic 6: More bodykit at the top

Pic 7: Intricate indeed


  1. Cool!

    I hope it goes as fast as it looks :)

  2. Well, if its all fibreglass, I doubt it would go fast. What a waste of Z32.. seriously, normally I dont judge other peoples' taste, but this is a little overboard, right??

  3. Ha! Ha! Ha! Relax bro Russ, not everyone can afford a real Nissan JDM car. At least this mode can make this dude a happy Nissan fan.

  4. Hehehe.....wonder what the rotary boys will think.

    Woay Chee and Arcurad? :P

  5. mmm.... personal preferance =p

    BTw eu jin , wanna ask you some stuff. How do you mount ur camera/video camera to ur car cockpit ? Cuz the video i saw u made is preety nice and stable.

    Mind sharing ^_^ Wanna upload a video of me 1st time drifting =p

  6. Tony/Arcurad, I mounted it via a camera stand that hooks on the passenger car headrest. The unit I got is ordered from USA from a company called Cruisecam.

  7. the owner must have not realised his car isnt wide enough to have those lights on, if it was something fat like supra or nsx, thats would possibly fit

  8. For those saying RIP z32... its an RX7, just has z32 headlights. dog poo ran over twice


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