Saturday, April 26, 2008

A lonesome IMPUL 534S Front Bumper?

Many people have commented that the IMPUL 534S front bumper looked very good on the ER34. I have yet to come across another ER34 in Malaysia with the same bumper that is running around on the street. :)

Some have mentioned the ER34 looked a little weird without side skirts and a rear bumper to match. So I was just thinking out loud, are fitting in the IMPUL 534S rear bumper and side skirts needed to make the ER34 complete? The full bodykit also comprises of a GT style rear wing which I am not keen about though.

Do share your thoughts on what should I do via the comments function.

Should I:-

1) Source for the IMPUL 534S rear bumper and side skirts?
2) Just leave it as it is......
3) Do some other things? Ok do what? Suggest to me pls.........

So I'll look at the comments by the end of May 2008 and shall decide to do what my readers suggested me to do.

The power is in your hands.......

PS. No, I do not wish to convert to the BNR34 look!

Pic 1: Front of the 534S

Pic 2: Rear of the 534S


  1. well what u have now also looks good tho (not anyone can EVEN afford a skyline)... it would be nicer if there is the side skirting to complement the looks.

    Rear bumper...nah... ur rear bumper is good what... GT Wings ? Current Wings looks good on ur car...

    One of my suggestion is to paint the lower lip of the front bumper, matte black or gunmetal or something like that to keep it loo less meaty on the front...

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  3. Bro lufiasism, so you recommend me to obtain at least the side skirts to complement the front bumper. Ok noted. :)

    Yea the GT wing doesn't work for me either. I would love to have the BNR34 rear wing tho. :P

    Painting the lower lip to black? Noted on that and will consider about it.

    Thank you for your comments.

  4. anonymous, nah not gonna have the Impul wheels on the 534S pic.

    However, I am able to source for the IMPUL M Spec wheels with the ER34 offset. A friend of mine has it for sale. :P

  5. hi eu jin, here is my comment.. i guess with addition of the skirts is great.. your rear bumper is fine with it since you mentioned that you doesnt wish to convert to the BNR34 look.. because for me the 534S rear bumper look bit kind of BNR34 style.. so i just my 2 cents.. final decision is still with ya..

  6. Hi Thiam Loong. Thank you for your opinion. The IMPUL 534S rear bumper may look like the BNR34 unit but I will have to put it in as a set with the side skirts as well. The rear bumper is lower to match the overall lower front bumper and side skirts.

    Thank you for dropping a note. Hope to hear more from you. :)

  7. Just compare your car pic with the Impul one. Get the side skirts at least to match the height from the ground. Forget about the GT styled wing. Just my personal thought as an ex owner of ER34. Now driving SG5. Cheers.

  8. hi EJ, i guess what fui foo says is true... the side skirts must match the front bumper then its perfect... the same height level from the ground...

    about the rear, the current one looks good though... gt wing, the impul one kinda wierd, better keep the current one, nicer...


  9. Hi Fui Foo. Yes I would definitly give the IMPUL GT Wing a miss. Now driving a SG5? Need more space? :)

    Thanks for dropping by a comment.

  10. Hi Darius. Noted on the IMPUL GT wing. I won't opt for that either.

    The stock rear bumper will look 'short' when the IMPUL side skirts go in. Hmmmm.........

  11. I guess it all boils down to your preference bro. Well yeah, without the side skirt, the Skyline looks akward. The same goes for mine, I need to get one soon. I suggest you either go for the real BNR34 rear spoiler or the IMPUL. Don't get the local made BNR34 rear spoilers. They sux big time. Will send you a picture soon and you can see for yourself how ugly it is! Good luck!

  12. usmc, ok noted. So side skirts is a must. What bumper are you running now? Or you added in a lip?

    Yea I am dreaming of the BNR34 rear spoiler but it costs way too much. Not about to use a fake one, no worries. I'll stick to the GTT ones. :P

    Be waiting for your email. :)

  13. I think get the skirts and rear bumper , it looks more full bodied.
    but thats just me

  14. It was a reluctant sale. Too bad just got married, SG5 is for my dearest coz' she doesn't drive manual. By the way, you keep up your good work, I learn a lot from your blogs.

  15. Hwa Ming, wokie bro! Noted on the need for the side skirts and rear bumper.

    Fui Foo, wifey driving SG5? Cool. Will keep on blogging bro. Thanks for reading. :P

  16. u have my vote for the skirts and rear bumper.

    u will sleep smiling i guarantee

  17. Same as zul...=) unless you wanan go widebody?? =P

  18. IMO, it's better to have the complete kit :) At least you won't feel so "naked"

  19. well to be honest, there IS another black ER34 with the same front bumper.. at The Curve sometimes

    anyway, u sure need to add those side skirts...

    just a reader.. cheers

  20. After seeing the GTR35, regardless of how u mod the 34, it still look very sien oredi.. :P Just like seeing a fully moded 32 on the road.

    Keep modifying it would probably move u a tad closer to being a Wiralution of Skyline.. :D

    I suggest u save up for a GTR35 or pass me your excess money to end your itch.. :P

    And your Blog says its a speed therapy.. not MOD therapy..

    Like it or not, this 34 will have to make way like the fate of your V6.. :(

    The money u spent on this car would probably be enough to get an EVO X but of course, its personal preference la..

    No offense, just to express a personal opinion..

    Seriously, she looks very pretty as she is now.

    So, I'm voting for no.2 for u. :D

  21. ya.. as others said.. if you put on the side skirts and fit up with your front bumper.. i would look nice too.. but its just kind of weird with the lack of the whole set rear bumper.. as you said.. after you fit the side skirts in.. your current bumper will probably looks smaller.. maybe you can give a shot with the 534S rear bumper along with the skirts.. anyway.. its actually depends on your personality whether how you want your car to looks like.. beside that.. as if you are going to make a change on you rear spoiler.. do go over overseas products.. because local made is really suck as usmc said.. its just my 2 cents.. keep it up with your nice ride..

  22. Jen Shen, widebody? No way man. Mine's a daily driver. :P

    nicwan8, noted bro. Need to dress her up a bit ya. I know someone in your land (Aussie) that can get his hands on the 534S kit. I think he is gonna go that route too. :P

    anonymous, what's the number plate of the black GTT? Is it 80? If so, then I'm still the only one, else looks like there are two now. :(

  23. astroboy, well if you compare the 35 with the 34, sure the 34 looks dated. But if you mention a full modded BNR32, now that still commands huge street presence. :P

    The R35 is beyond my means. Heck, even the ER34 is beyond my means but I'm just stretching every single cent I have just to realise this dream of mine. And I do believe I've gone overboard as to what I intend to do with the car, i.e to keep it stock as cash is hard to come by and I need to save up for rainy days......

    You're right, it's a speed therapy NOT a mod therapy. Oh darn....but guess it kinda goes hand-in-hand at times. Sigh.... :(

    Thanks for your vote and comments bro.

    thiam loong, noted bro. Need to change a whole set. The pic is on this post ma. :)

    Btw, am not changing my rear spoiler until I can find a genuine BNR34 rear spoiler for sale at a really really really good price. :P

    Thank you for your opinion.

  24. hahaha.. sorry dude.. i read too fast on your post and left out already.. sorry.. anyway.. thats right.. go for whole set of bodykits.. forget about the 543S rear spoiler.. go for another spoiler which looks better next time.. but i guess probably you prefer for the BNR34 rear spoiler right.. same goes to me.. hahahha.. cheer..

  25. hey u said u spotted RX7 with Veilside Bodykit?? Please change ur spec

  26. Hi EJ, this is the anonymous (since there's two now..hehe) who mentioned about another black ER34 with the 534S bumper...

    Can't remember wat's the plate, but it definitely is using a 534S front bumper as i saw it upclose few times..

    anyway, the 534S's no doubt a cool looking kit, but yeah u need the sides to look 'balance'.. else a lil' big face slim body for now.. still looks good though, its an ER34 anyway..

  27. anonymous, do post with your real name. No point attacking me. Yes I did saw one. Apparently there are 2 around. Would you be willing to sponsor my spec?

    Hi 2nd anonymous. :) Noted, body must be porportional just like a lady's physique. :P

  28. well, EJ, tony promise will send me his veilside fortune photo to me soon. I deleted few comments on my blog, not because i want to hide the truth, but I know the feeling deeply.

    I know tony very sad now because someone attacked him.

    anonymous, if you want to attack a person, do show yourself up, or else you are acting like what you SAID.

    Joewe told me that you shown him the veilside fortune photo that you spotted in center point.

  29. woaychee, I did not manage to snap a pic thus it was not me who showed Joewe. Anyway, I dunno him also. :P

  30. Eu Jin : i apologized to you if i have offended you. Dunno what the #$%^ is trying to prove ? Besides dunno whether is it the same anonymous attack nicole's blog? Mayb he is taking it out on her friends ?

    Woaychee: dun worry, i will make sure i by crook or by hook do it tonight.Sorry to have disturbed you as well

  31. Saw the R34 Skyline GTR M-Spec Nur in your blog and seriously, it looks super cool! Those diffuser under the bumper makes me want to check her bottom.. slurppp.......

    ... the best part is your current rear bumper got bladed diffuser and the IMPUL kit don't have!!

    If I were u, I'll go spray your existing diffuser portion to flat black color and I can guarantee u, she looks like a limited production Nur from far... that to me is far more desirable, eye catching, mysterious than the IMPUL 534S bumper.. :D

    Hahahaaa.... just saved u some $$$

  32. Tony. No worries man. Can't wait to see your beast once it is complete.

    astroboy, M-Spec Nur sure is super drool factor. My current bumper has no bladed diffuser. It looks like this...

    But hey, you gave me a super suggestion. Can paint the Impul rear bumper in black on the bottom part. :D

  33. Opsie... mistaken the V-Spec II in the Drive#8 for your car.. :P

    The V-Spec II bumper also nice ma.. should be cheaper than 534S ??

    And yes, black our the diffuser section of the 543S rear bumper makes it look a lot nicer!!

    Seriously for such "supercar", I prefer fierce rear bottom diffuser, more cool if there are in CF.. killer look and should greatly improve aerodynamic too!

  34. to avoid mistaken identity, here's the 'anonymous' that noted bout the black ER34 with 534S bumper and the big face slim body statement.. not the 'evil' one..j/k haha

    shall use this nick from now when leaving comments here..

    anyhow, EJ nice blog on your ER34's mod journey.. keep it up..

  35. Bro astroboy, CF = tonnes of $$$ :(

    Thanks nwb. You can also 'register' the nick. Will keep blogging when there's readers to read (and I have stuffs to write about). Hehehe

  36. EJ, u don know him? He is the one who told me u shown to him via mobile phone.. maybe i m misunderstood his msg via phone.

  37. Or there could be another person with the same name as me. My mobile phone has no camera one. Shockers!! :O

  38. I think you should get the skirts and rear bumper to complete it. as for the wing, i'd say the R34 wing is nice enough, probably get the 2 erm... thingy(the 2 thigns that holds the wing on the rear boot) to make it sit higher than stock ones. Then rear led lamps and finally a nice cf hood and voila. beauty and the beast together in 1 package


    *btw does the ztune fender fit to the gtt?

  39. hi EJ, u mentioned of registering the nick? should i do that?

  40. Jason, the NISMO wing stay? Gosh that thing is costly. LED rear lights I have but thought of selling if off. CF hood = more $$$ :(

    Z Tune fender will fit but then again you'll need to change the front bumper as well as the hood to BNR34 ones.

    nwb, get a gmail/blogger account. :)


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