Friday, April 11, 2008

Meeting Kazuyoshi Hoshino of IMPUL

Pic 1: Kazuyoshi Hoshino (President) and Yutaka Kaneko (Vice-President) of HOSHINO IMPUL Co., Ltd.

Recently, I got a chance to meet Kazuyoshi Hoshino, the President of HOSHINO IMPUL Co., Ltd. IMPUL is an aftermarket parts company specialised in Nissan vehicles. He was in Malaysia in conjunction with the launch of the Nissan Latio tuned by IMPUL.

Not only being the founder of IMPUL, Hoshino-san has an illustrious career in motor racing. He was a 90cc and 125cc Motocross Champion before switching over to racing cars. Hoshino-san has participated in Formula 1 Grand Prix, Japanese Formula 2, F3000, Fuji 1,000km and of course the Japanese Touring Car Championship.

Most will know Hoshino via his association with the R32 Calsonic IMPUL Skyline that was dominating the Japanese Touring Car Championship. He became synonymous with the Nissan Skyline after competing and winning in the in the said vehicle. He no longer races nowadays but instead are the Team Director for TEAM IMPUL.

I was delighted when he signed my Kyosho 1:18 diecast model of the R32 Calsonic IMPUL Skyline and also some of my GTR magazines. :P

Thanks to Alan from NISMO Malaysia for the invite. Appreciates it.

Good to meet the owner of the R34 Skyline GTR M-Spec Nur too. :)

Pic 2: Hoshino explaining and exploring the details of the model

Pic 3: The signed masterpiece :P

Pic 4: Signing the R34 Best Album Magazine

Pic 5: Signing the R32 Best Album Magazine

Pic 6: R34 Skyline GTR M-Spec Nur

Pic 7: R34 Skyline GTR M-Spec Nur


  1. I wish I was back in KL to be able to attend that...

  2. nice GTR m-spec nur.... drooling.....

  3. wow ...what a nice experience u have there... Calsonic Skyline R32.... that was my 1st encounter with Nissan Skyline, my 1:10 Kyosho R/C Car back in 95

  4. Nice....GTR 34 M-Spec NUR


    But if it's me ,more CF...hehehe

  5. wow, you got Impul President Hoshino to sign your stuff, neat. I wonder how much that model R32 is worth now! Wish I was around... :(

    Never seen an M spec before.. would like to check the leather seats out.. :)

  6. Oh yea, the M-Spec NUR is super drool factor. :P

    Heard there is another unit in Malaysia.....

  7. Wow man my dream is to meet Hoshino, you are really lucky. I like him most for his group 5 participations with his super silhouette.

  8. Ömer Can, yeap. It was great to meet him and especially for him to sign my Kyosho 1:18 R32 Calsonic IMPUL Skyline. :)


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