Thursday, May 28, 2009

ER34 Hijacked !!!

This was in today's New Straits Times newspaper. Gosh this is scary. Lucky thing the ER34 was recovered and the owner unharmed. Got to be extra careful where I go and park the car. Looks like it's getting more and more unsafe here in the metropolitan.

Car hijacks, gunshots, police chase, etc.... feels like downtown Los Angeles. :O


Hostage-taker shot dead after car chase (original article here)

SHAH ALAM: A hostage taker was shot dead after leading police on a chase in Bukit Jelutong here, early yesterday.

He was identified as Abu Bakar Ibrahim @ Bakhtiar, 39, who was recently released from the Simpang Renggam detention centre where he had served time for armed robbery.

His victim, Hairril Mohd Hada, 31, director of an event management company, escaped serious injury.

The drama unfolded at 1.30am when Hairril and a colleague, Tengku Shareez Tengku Abdul Rahman, 25, had gone to a convenience shop in Damansara Perdana.

While waiting for Tengku Shareez to come out of the shop, a Proton Wira pulled up behind Hairril and two men, one armed with a revolver, confronted him.

"Hairril was bundled into the back seat while one of the suspects took over the wheel.

"The robbers then saw Tengku Shareez coming out of the store and one of them fired a shot at him but it missed," said Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar.

The robbers then fled the scene in Hairril's Nissan Skyline. Another accomplice followed in the Proton Wira.

Tengku Shareez alerted police but in the meantime Hairril was repeatedly assaulted in the Nissan Skyline and was taken to a workshop at an undisclosed location where he was stripped naked before being gagged and bound.

Two of the robbers left the scene in the Proton Wira, leaving Hairril alone with the gunman in the victim's vehicle.

An hour later, a police team spotted the Nissan Skyline in Bukit Jelutong and gave chase. The driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a road divider in Jalan U5/164. He came out firing his revolver before he was gunned down.

Police found two laptops, mobile phones, a wallet and a .22 Smith & Wesson revolver.

Hairril's RM11,000 Tag Heuer watch was taken by one of the two other robbers who had earlier driven away in the Proton Wira.

Police believe that Abu Bakar was the mastermind of a gang which preyed on owners of luxury vehicles.

Two members of the gang -- Shahril Samsudin, 27, and Sivanesan Subramaniam, 30 -- were shot dead in Damansara last week after they had abducted a foreigner. This gang was also believed to be responsible for the abduction and murder of restaurant owner Gan Kau Chin, 51, who was found dead on May 10 at an oil palm plantation in Puncak Alam.

Gan and his cousin were abducted in Damansara on May 8 by three men who identified themselves as policemen.

The gang was believed to be linked to at least 20 cases of armed robbery in Selangor.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

DILYSI #14: Frasiers Hill

Pic 1: The cars up in Frasiers Hill

The 14th installment of the Drive It Like You Stole It (DILYSI) series was to Frasiers Hill. Not many cars went this time round as some decided to pull out last minute. You know who you are .....

Anyway, my last trip to Frasiers Hill was way back in December 2008. Damn ... it sure didn't felt that long ago. Time really does flies. A total of 7 cars met up at our usual rendezvous point before heading off. There were:-

2 Nissan Skyline 25GT-t
1 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II
1 Mitsubishi EVO VI
1 Mitsubishi EVO VII
1 Suzuki Swift Sport
1 Proton Satria GTi

Traffic was slightly on the heavier side along Ulu Yam this time round but after that it's pretty clear all the way. I was really gunning it despite the traffic. Going fast, braking hard and overtaking all the way. Midway through the course on a sweeping left-hander, a chap waving his arms in the air caught my attention. Oh shit! Something must have happened up front. Throttle eased off slightly, I caught sight of a spun Alfa Romeo 156 on the right hand side of the road. The car belongs to another group of driving enthusiasts. I saw a fair mix of continental cars parked at the roadside. Saw amongst others a Fiat Coupe, Fiat Punto, Mercedes Benz SLK, Alfa Romeo 147, Volvo S40, etc.. The car looked like it spun 360 degrees and ended up on the embankment. I hope the driver and car is ok. Check out the video at 7:20 onwards. You'll see the ER34 passing the incident site.

Video 1: ER34 at Ulu Yam

After seeing some picture of Jon's orange EVO VI, I finally got to see it in its flesh. This is one intimidating beast. Stripped interior, roll cage and sporting an Ikeya Formula sequential shifter. You wouldn't wanna mess with this car. :P

Pic 2: Jon's EVO VI

Heading up towards The Gap, I was taken by surprise right after a bend; up ahead is a fallen tree right across the road! I literally shouted "FCUK!!" in my heart and slammed on the brakes progressively to stop a couple of feet away from the tree. Hazard lights on and lifted my hand out of the car to signal a 'halt', I reversed my car a tad bit away from the debris. The two charging Evolutions behind luckily managed to stop in time and avoided each other and me too! The tree must have just fallen early in the morning. It was still in a mess!

Pic 3: The felled tree practically blocked the whole road

We are in a dilemma now. To proceed or not to proceed? Jon started work almost immediately to rip off some branches to create a pathway wide and high enough to squeeze underneath the tree. After letting a passing Perodua Kenari to perform the acid test, it looked safe enough and we proceeded on.

Pic 4: Deciding to proceed or not

Pic 5: Going thru....

Pic 6: Going thru...

Luckily enough we reach The Gap just in time; 10 minutes before the gate closes for traffic going uphill. The 10km way going uphill towards Frasiers was very very tricky. The road is damp and there's wet leaves strewn everywhere. The ER34 struggles for grip and constantly lost traction. Having semi slicks on the car doesn't help either. Those AWD boys would probably have a better time than me. LOL :D

Up in Frasiers, we had some great American style breakfast and took a walk around before going back downhill when the gate opens at 12:00pm. Enroute down, we took a little breather at the Sg. Selangor Hydroelectric Dam before heading back to Kuala Lumpur via the same route.

Oh, btw the felled tree was already cleared when we head down. I must say that's might quick and effective work by the authorities. And that's on a Sunday too!

It was another great drive and it was truly enjoyable driving with you guys.

Till the next drive.....

Pic 7: Going downhill

Pic 8: Jon's EVO VI

Pic 9: At The Gap checkpoint

Pic 10: The cars of DILYSI #14

Pic 11: What's under the hood?

Pic 12: Charging downhill

Pic 13: Mun Kit's Swift Sport and Jon's EVO VI

Pic 14: Hwa Ming's BNR34 and my ER34

Pic 15: Alvin's ER34 and Yap's SGTi

Thursday, May 21, 2009

For Sale: R34 Headlights

Pic 1: R34 headlights - front

I have an excellent condition pair of R34 headlights for sale. It comes complete with blubs, HID ballasts, wiring sockets, etc...

All mounting brackets are in place and there are no crack whatsoever on these items. The headlights surface is crystal clear and are not faded or yellowish.

This is ideal for those converting to R34 fronts or to keep as spares for R34 owners. Do email me via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com if you are keen.

Pic 2: R34 headlights - rear

Pic 3: HID ballast

Pic 4: All sockets in place

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Leaky Caster Arm Bush (RHS)

Pic 1: Leaking caster arm bush

In January (read this), I replaced my left hand side caster arm bush due to a leak. I’ve decided to leave my right caster arm bush as it is. It looks fine thus I don't see the need to change it.
Guess I misjudged it. I noticed some oil marks beneath the ER34 after I parked it for 11 days when I was outstation last week.

After looking around, I found that the oil leak (which was darn sticky to the touch) was from the caster arm bush. Looks like I need to get that changed.
I got hold of the Nissan caster arm bush (Part No. 54476-35F20) and got it replaced over the weekend.

Pic 2: Nissan caster arm bush (Part No. 54476-35F20)

So if you do have a leaky caster arm bush, remember to change both of them at the same time. I’ll save you time and labour when the next one decides to go a couple of months down the road.

At least now I have peace of mind. :)

Pic 3: The leaky bush on the caster arm

Pic 4: New bush on the caster arm with the leaky one next to it

Pic 5: Caster arm bush now good as new

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tein Performance Strut Bar Installed

Just got the Tein Performance Strut Bar installed into the ER34. Here are some pictures of how the engine bay looks like now. :)

How I wish it was adonized in blue instead of green. Sigh...

Initial post here.

Pic 1: On factory strut bar

Pic 2: Tein Performance Strut Bar installed

Pic 3: Tein Performance Strut Bar

Pic 4: Tein Performance Strut Bar

Pic 5: Bye-bye stock factory strut bar

Monday, May 11, 2009

For Sale: Tein Control Master Type Flex

I have for sale a set of used (but very good condition) Tein Control Master Type Flex (Part No. D6N64-11931) for the Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t (ECR33).

The Tein Control Master Type Flex are height adjustable and damping adjustable up to 16-levels. These are also EDFC compatible if you wish to purchase the modules separately.

Interested? Shoot me an e-mail via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Pic 1: ECR33 Tein Control Master Type Flex

Pic 2: Front struts

Pic 3: Rear struts

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Anceltion Viral Sports Skyline CPV35

Pic 1: Viral Sports Skyline CPV35

I was in East Malaysia for the past week and came across this ultra rare Anceltion Viral Sports Skyline CPV35 in the small duty free island of Labuan.

Anceltion is a bodykit manufacturer for luxury and VIP vehicles in Japan. They produced this "Viral Sports" bodykit for the CPV35 Skyline back in 2006. I think they are no longer in business as I've read rumours that they were going bankrupt sometime ago.

Pic 2: Rear 3/4 view

The kit consists of 3 pieces; the front, sides and rear. Once the kit is fitted and installed, the Skyline looks to be a widebody and the overall length of the car are extended from factory.

The wheels are an Anceltion shop wheel named Glassenheit SP Six Revo (FR: 19x9.5, RR: 19x10.5).

If you're thinking of the same for your CPV35, be prepared to fork out JPY 59,850 for the front bumper, JPY55,650 for the rear bumper with diffuser and JPY 49,350 for the side skirts. A carbon fiber hood at JPY 94,290 yen is also available. That is if you can still find the bodykits.

Pic 3: Note twin exhausts and diffusers

Over my 6 days in Borneo, I'm happy to meet up with fellow skyline owners over in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu like Azmir, Darence and Rizal. You guys have great looking rides. I'll be over there again soon I hope; Jeff should be back from China by then :P. I hope to swing by Miri to meet the Miri boys once again by that time.

Oh, hanging out with Azmir's group is great. Love the EVOs and B20 engined EF Civic. You guys are really the street racers of Kuching. Hahaha :D

Pic 4: Very GT-like at the rear

Pic 5: Gone are the grills and replaced with an air duct

Pic 6: Topped with a GT Wing

Pic 7: Viral Sports emblem

Pic 8: This is my ride in Labuan, a loaned Ford Lynx RS. Very nice to potter around in it.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Rawang 8km Monkey Touge

Pic 1: Rawang touge - Don't get burnt by the erm .... burned out twisties sign

I 'discovered' this route from Rawang that leads to Batu Arang and Ijok on one of my business trip to remote old Tanjung Karang. It's just a short twisties about 8km long. Due to the presence of many monkeys, thus I named it the Rawang 8km Monkey Touge. LOL :D

I was there again during another one of my business trips thus took the opportunity to recce the route. Didn't really push the ER34 due to non-familiarity of the route and also the presence of tiny pebbles and sand in the corners. PLUS there's a lot of monkeys. In fact during my drive, which is about fifth tenth pace (yea I know it's darn slow :P), there were monkeys scurrying across the road at 1:05, 1:11 and 4:23 in the video below.

Video 1: Recce-ing thru the Rawang twisties

I reckon you guys would enjoy this thus I took one drive to capture the route on video and another round just for photo snapping. Here's some pics that I took of the route.


Pic 2: Glorious bends

Pic 3: Tyres will squeal here :P

Pic 4: Watch out for monkey spectators

Pic 5: At mid point through the route

Pic 6: Danger level at code red - critical level ~ hahaha

Pic 7: More twisties ahead

Pic 8: The road condition at some parts aren't that great

Pic 9: Sand in the corners

Pic 10: Tiny pebbles strewn across the road
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