Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tein Performance Strut Bar Installed

Just got the Tein Performance Strut Bar installed into the ER34. Here are some pictures of how the engine bay looks like now. :)

How I wish it was adonized in blue instead of green. Sigh...

Initial post here.

Pic 1: On factory strut bar

Pic 2: Tein Performance Strut Bar installed

Pic 3: Tein Performance Strut Bar

Pic 4: Tein Performance Strut Bar

Pic 5: Bye-bye stock factory strut bar


  1. Oh..... That that thing ROCKS man...
    Should have installed it earlier and test drive if there is any effect in the handling. Man, that thing is Buff.... Made the original bar looked like a walking stick for old man. :)
    Is there any difference in weight?

  2. Hi Vince, yeap it's one solid piece of aluminum. Weight wise not too sure but probably around the same. There's not much metal for the factory unit. :P

  3. haha.. why not go for cusco... blue in color !!

  4. rehet, Cusco ones are not as well built. This looks darn solid.

    Well not as solid as the ones by NISMO (Used in the Z-Tune) and the Auto Select ones. :P

  5. Eujin just drop by DIY shop buy a bottle of sliver and candy blue paint and spary yourself... then it will from tien to cusco kaka

  6. j-E34, cannot la bro. This is anodized not sprayed on one. :P


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