Thursday, May 28, 2009

ER34 Hijacked !!!

This was in today's New Straits Times newspaper. Gosh this is scary. Lucky thing the ER34 was recovered and the owner unharmed. Got to be extra careful where I go and park the car. Looks like it's getting more and more unsafe here in the metropolitan.

Car hijacks, gunshots, police chase, etc.... feels like downtown Los Angeles. :O


Hostage-taker shot dead after car chase (original article here)

SHAH ALAM: A hostage taker was shot dead after leading police on a chase in Bukit Jelutong here, early yesterday.

He was identified as Abu Bakar Ibrahim @ Bakhtiar, 39, who was recently released from the Simpang Renggam detention centre where he had served time for armed robbery.

His victim, Hairril Mohd Hada, 31, director of an event management company, escaped serious injury.

The drama unfolded at 1.30am when Hairril and a colleague, Tengku Shareez Tengku Abdul Rahman, 25, had gone to a convenience shop in Damansara Perdana.

While waiting for Tengku Shareez to come out of the shop, a Proton Wira pulled up behind Hairril and two men, one armed with a revolver, confronted him.

"Hairril was bundled into the back seat while one of the suspects took over the wheel.

"The robbers then saw Tengku Shareez coming out of the store and one of them fired a shot at him but it missed," said Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar.

The robbers then fled the scene in Hairril's Nissan Skyline. Another accomplice followed in the Proton Wira.

Tengku Shareez alerted police but in the meantime Hairril was repeatedly assaulted in the Nissan Skyline and was taken to a workshop at an undisclosed location where he was stripped naked before being gagged and bound.

Two of the robbers left the scene in the Proton Wira, leaving Hairril alone with the gunman in the victim's vehicle.

An hour later, a police team spotted the Nissan Skyline in Bukit Jelutong and gave chase. The driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a road divider in Jalan U5/164. He came out firing his revolver before he was gunned down.

Police found two laptops, mobile phones, a wallet and a .22 Smith & Wesson revolver.

Hairril's RM11,000 Tag Heuer watch was taken by one of the two other robbers who had earlier driven away in the Proton Wira.

Police believe that Abu Bakar was the mastermind of a gang which preyed on owners of luxury vehicles.

Two members of the gang -- Shahril Samsudin, 27, and Sivanesan Subramaniam, 30 -- were shot dead in Damansara last week after they had abducted a foreigner. This gang was also believed to be responsible for the abduction and murder of restaurant owner Gan Kau Chin, 51, who was found dead on May 10 at an oil palm plantation in Puncak Alam.

Gan and his cousin were abducted in Damansara on May 8 by three men who identified themselves as policemen.

The gang was believed to be linked to at least 20 cases of armed robbery in Selangor.


  1. Wow!!!! Scary man........ Lucky the driver is alive and safe.

  2. oh? its a ER34? How you know?

  3. hwaming, from the pic it looked like an ER34. Apparently, its number plate is pretty close to mine. :O

  4. DAM!!! Eujin becarefull man!!! Put a batton in your car for savety. :)

    God Bless!!

  5. better be careful to those that drives exotic cars...

  6. shit... fuck... stupid... i feel like cutting their hands off...

  7. Aiyo!!! Very scare leh. Worse than JB liao. Last month an EVO with a similar case happen and this month a Skyline. Next??? A scooby? Be careful bro.

  8. wow...
    RM11,000 Tag Heuer watch?????
    so expensive

  9. Yup. Got to be extra careful.

    Hansc, JDMs are not exotics. LOL

    A.R.Y., Not really a watch aficionado thus not sure what possible model is a Tag Heuer that is worth RM 11,000.


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