Sunday, May 24, 2009

DILYSI #14: Frasiers Hill

Pic 1: The cars up in Frasiers Hill

The 14th installment of the Drive It Like You Stole It (DILYSI) series was to Frasiers Hill. Not many cars went this time round as some decided to pull out last minute. You know who you are .....

Anyway, my last trip to Frasiers Hill was way back in December 2008. Damn ... it sure didn't felt that long ago. Time really does flies. A total of 7 cars met up at our usual rendezvous point before heading off. There were:-

2 Nissan Skyline 25GT-t
1 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II
1 Mitsubishi EVO VI
1 Mitsubishi EVO VII
1 Suzuki Swift Sport
1 Proton Satria GTi

Traffic was slightly on the heavier side along Ulu Yam this time round but after that it's pretty clear all the way. I was really gunning it despite the traffic. Going fast, braking hard and overtaking all the way. Midway through the course on a sweeping left-hander, a chap waving his arms in the air caught my attention. Oh shit! Something must have happened up front. Throttle eased off slightly, I caught sight of a spun Alfa Romeo 156 on the right hand side of the road. The car belongs to another group of driving enthusiasts. I saw a fair mix of continental cars parked at the roadside. Saw amongst others a Fiat Coupe, Fiat Punto, Mercedes Benz SLK, Alfa Romeo 147, Volvo S40, etc.. The car looked like it spun 360 degrees and ended up on the embankment. I hope the driver and car is ok. Check out the video at 7:20 onwards. You'll see the ER34 passing the incident site.

Video 1: ER34 at Ulu Yam

After seeing some picture of Jon's orange EVO VI, I finally got to see it in its flesh. This is one intimidating beast. Stripped interior, roll cage and sporting an Ikeya Formula sequential shifter. You wouldn't wanna mess with this car. :P

Pic 2: Jon's EVO VI

Heading up towards The Gap, I was taken by surprise right after a bend; up ahead is a fallen tree right across the road! I literally shouted "FCUK!!" in my heart and slammed on the brakes progressively to stop a couple of feet away from the tree. Hazard lights on and lifted my hand out of the car to signal a 'halt', I reversed my car a tad bit away from the debris. The two charging Evolutions behind luckily managed to stop in time and avoided each other and me too! The tree must have just fallen early in the morning. It was still in a mess!

Pic 3: The felled tree practically blocked the whole road

We are in a dilemma now. To proceed or not to proceed? Jon started work almost immediately to rip off some branches to create a pathway wide and high enough to squeeze underneath the tree. After letting a passing Perodua Kenari to perform the acid test, it looked safe enough and we proceeded on.

Pic 4: Deciding to proceed or not

Pic 5: Going thru....

Pic 6: Going thru...

Luckily enough we reach The Gap just in time; 10 minutes before the gate closes for traffic going uphill. The 10km way going uphill towards Frasiers was very very tricky. The road is damp and there's wet leaves strewn everywhere. The ER34 struggles for grip and constantly lost traction. Having semi slicks on the car doesn't help either. Those AWD boys would probably have a better time than me. LOL :D

Up in Frasiers, we had some great American style breakfast and took a walk around before going back downhill when the gate opens at 12:00pm. Enroute down, we took a little breather at the Sg. Selangor Hydroelectric Dam before heading back to Kuala Lumpur via the same route.

Oh, btw the felled tree was already cleared when we head down. I must say that's might quick and effective work by the authorities. And that's on a Sunday too!

It was another great drive and it was truly enjoyable driving with you guys.

Till the next drive.....

Pic 7: Going downhill

Pic 8: Jon's EVO VI

Pic 9: At The Gap checkpoint

Pic 10: The cars of DILYSI #14

Pic 11: What's under the hood?

Pic 12: Charging downhill

Pic 13: Mun Kit's Swift Sport and Jon's EVO VI

Pic 14: Hwa Ming's BNR34 and my ER34

Pic 15: Alvin's ER34 and Yap's SGTi


  1. LOL, sorry lo, u know la. girl friend bigger than sky.

  2. it's a great drive..only the sun is way too hot that day...damn..

  3. Thanks Leo. Fix your clutch and join us next time. :P

    Woay Chee, yea I'm sure....

    alvinT, yeap it's kinda hot that day. Global warming creeping up Frasier's Hill? :O

    rehet, ok next time.

  4. Wow... That's 'going thru...' experience is not always in DILYSI. hehe

  5. Another nice drive.. Fraser's one of the best therapeutic driving routes hahaha..

    EJ, looks like your camcorder pics turned out very well :)

  6. EJ,

    I saw the 156 too last Sunday, the condition of the car is well bad, very bad

  7. Isma, something new eh?

    Mun Kit, yeap bro. I was surprised that the pics turned out pretty well from that camcorder.

    fir, you were with the group? Which group is that?

  8. Nope, just went to Batang Kali to pickup wifey that morning. Passed that accident area around 9.00am or so

  9. WHOAH! looks like a lot of fun man! damn i missed it again twice de! next time def. have to make it hehehe

  10. Hi all, was part of the convoy you passed on Sunday...

    Nice group of cars u guys have...

    Pls do join us at

    All cars and makes are invited..or just come to chill....

    Cheers ppl!!

  11. danial, no worries la. You always get your fix up Cameron a couple of times a week. :P

    Violance666, welcome to :P

  12. Hey EJ, you are over taking dangerously at double.... no no no =P

  13. Ooops. Caught in the act. Eh bro, you taking pics this weekend in AFOS?

  14. yea yea yea... last minute ffk, i know i know... hehehe... next time i try no to ffk... :) :) :)

  15. I went there for 2 times...the 1st time up and downhill through a same route back to KKB...and the 2nd time we took downhill to Bentong...nice place and nice corner too!


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