Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Leaky Caster Arm Bush (RHS)

Pic 1: Leaking caster arm bush

In January (read this), I replaced my left hand side caster arm bush due to a leak. I’ve decided to leave my right caster arm bush as it is. It looks fine thus I don't see the need to change it.
Guess I misjudged it. I noticed some oil marks beneath the ER34 after I parked it for 11 days when I was outstation last week.

After looking around, I found that the oil leak (which was darn sticky to the touch) was from the caster arm bush. Looks like I need to get that changed.
I got hold of the Nissan caster arm bush (Part No. 54476-35F20) and got it replaced over the weekend.

Pic 2: Nissan caster arm bush (Part No. 54476-35F20)

So if you do have a leaky caster arm bush, remember to change both of them at the same time. I’ll save you time and labour when the next one decides to go a couple of months down the road.

At least now I have peace of mind. :)

Pic 3: The leaky bush on the caster arm

Pic 4: New bush on the caster arm with the leaky one next to it

Pic 5: Caster arm bush now good as new


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