Sunday, May 10, 2009

Anceltion Viral Sports Skyline CPV35

Pic 1: Viral Sports Skyline CPV35

I was in East Malaysia for the past week and came across this ultra rare Anceltion Viral Sports Skyline CPV35 in the small duty free island of Labuan.

Anceltion is a bodykit manufacturer for luxury and VIP vehicles in Japan. They produced this "Viral Sports" bodykit for the CPV35 Skyline back in 2006. I think they are no longer in business as I've read rumours that they were going bankrupt sometime ago.

Pic 2: Rear 3/4 view

The kit consists of 3 pieces; the front, sides and rear. Once the kit is fitted and installed, the Skyline looks to be a widebody and the overall length of the car are extended from factory.

The wheels are an Anceltion shop wheel named Glassenheit SP Six Revo (FR: 19x9.5, RR: 19x10.5).

If you're thinking of the same for your CPV35, be prepared to fork out JPY 59,850 for the front bumper, JPY55,650 for the rear bumper with diffuser and JPY 49,350 for the side skirts. A carbon fiber hood at JPY 94,290 yen is also available. That is if you can still find the bodykits.

Pic 3: Note twin exhausts and diffusers

Over my 6 days in Borneo, I'm happy to meet up with fellow skyline owners over in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu like Azmir, Darence and Rizal. You guys have great looking rides. I'll be over there again soon I hope; Jeff should be back from China by then :P. I hope to swing by Miri to meet the Miri boys once again by that time.

Oh, hanging out with Azmir's group is great. Love the EVOs and B20 engined EF Civic. You guys are really the street racers of Kuching. Hahaha :D

Pic 4: Very GT-like at the rear

Pic 5: Gone are the grills and replaced with an air duct

Pic 6: Topped with a GT Wing

Pic 7: Viral Sports emblem

Pic 8: This is my ride in Labuan, a loaned Ford Lynx RS. Very nice to potter around in it.


  1. Haha Ej bro you at Labuan? Didn't know you are coming. Ya always saw that car moving around. By the way you still have the nismo fuel cover? Will it fit 350z?

  2. Hi Viper2040, yea I was in Labuan. You a local there? Damn should email me your contact and I'll look you up next time.

    The NISMO fuel cover will fit the 350Z. It has been booked by someone already.

  3. Yea local here, but sometime will be at kota kinabalu.

    Oic the fuel cover got ppl booked ar, haha is ok bro anyway feel free to email me at incase anymore good stuff for 350z haha.

    O by the way did you spotted one white Skyline GTR-35? coz labuan got one hehe just for the info.

  4. Viper2040, didn't see the R35. I wonder how much it is in Labuan.

    It's only my 2nd trip there. Will definitely look you up on my next visit. No kaki there la. :P

    In KK? Lots of nice cars in KK. Saw some nice BCNR33, SE3P and Z33 too.

  5. Sure sure just let me know or email me if you drop by next time.From what i heard from fren the R35 is around 200k to 300k like that recon ofcoz. But the real price not so sure la.

    I have some pic on the R35 but quality not so clear coz using handphone and was driving pass. If you like to see i can email you.

    If KK ofcoz lots of nice sport car...

  6. You buy one, I buy one. Roadtax is only RM4.6K nia, ok???:D

  7. Jeryc, sure lets head to the car yard tomorrow. :P

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