Friday, May 01, 2009

Rawang 8km Monkey Touge

Pic 1: Rawang touge - Don't get burnt by the erm .... burned out twisties sign

I 'discovered' this route from Rawang that leads to Batu Arang and Ijok on one of my business trip to remote old Tanjung Karang. It's just a short twisties about 8km long. Due to the presence of many monkeys, thus I named it the Rawang 8km Monkey Touge. LOL :D

I was there again during another one of my business trips thus took the opportunity to recce the route. Didn't really push the ER34 due to non-familiarity of the route and also the presence of tiny pebbles and sand in the corners. PLUS there's a lot of monkeys. In fact during my drive, which is about fifth tenth pace (yea I know it's darn slow :P), there were monkeys scurrying across the road at 1:05, 1:11 and 4:23 in the video below.

Video 1: Recce-ing thru the Rawang twisties

I reckon you guys would enjoy this thus I took one drive to capture the route on video and another round just for photo snapping. Here's some pics that I took of the route.


Pic 2: Glorious bends

Pic 3: Tyres will squeal here :P

Pic 4: Watch out for monkey spectators

Pic 5: At mid point through the route

Pic 6: Danger level at code red - critical level ~ hahaha

Pic 7: More twisties ahead

Pic 8: The road condition at some parts aren't that great

Pic 9: Sand in the corners

Pic 10: Tiny pebbles strewn across the road


  1. bro, i use this route to go to rawang too... i'm studying at unisel... love the road too but as u said, the surface is not too good...

  2. Darius, yeap if only it has better road surface. :(

  3. bro your have MSN?
    want to ask u about your Skyline

  4. Hi Badtz_Mark. My MSN id is listed under "About Me" section on my blog.

  5. Jason, don't be so bad la. Later I kena spam from animal activists. :)

  6. Omg...... quite headache after finished watch your clip haha.

  7. Eh Prince, why so? Video footage was bad?

  8. Nice twisties and I would love to try it. but after looking the road surface, probably not suitable for 2 wheeler. :(

  9. Hey Isma, how about your Beemer instead of the two wheeler?

  10. Don't misunderstand, your video clip are good but just too many "turn" :D .

  11. ej, advise isma to to be a mat rempits hehehehe.... and please racun him to drift on the touge (after they fix the road condition la..)

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