Saturday, May 15, 2010

For Sale: Nismo 480cc injectors and ER34 370cc injectors

I am selling off two sets of fuel injectors. They are in perfect working condition and am selling them due to upgrades. The below are the details of the fuel injectors.

Please shoot me an email via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com should you be interested in them. Thanks.

Pic 1: Nismo 480cc injectors

Pic 2: Nismo 480cc injector

Nismo 480cc injectors (16600-RR710)
Yes I've just got hold of these not too long ago and I'm selling them coz I need bigger injectors to support my mods. These have been in my car for like 2 weeks and would have traveled the distance of about tank of fuel. These are ideal upgrades for ER34, CPV35, C35, Z33, WGC34, and WGNC34

Pic 3: ER34 370cc injectors

Pic 4: ER34 370cc injector

Stock ER34 injectors
These are the original 370cc ER34 injectors. They feature 4 spray nozzles per injector and are ideal upgrade for R32 GTS, Z33, etc...

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