Friday, May 21, 2010

Sard 650cc Injectors

Pic 1: Sard 650cc injectors

As per my blog post about my Nismo 480cc injectors here and here, I need to upgrade to higher cc injectors as the ER34 is maxing out even on the Nismo injectors.

So what's out there that is available as direct plug and play with the ER34 OEM fuel rail? Blitz has a set that churns out 525cc while Sard makes a 650cc replacement. While having Blitz injectors may sound cool and all, but with just 45cc increment over the Nismo, it will definitely not cut it. So I guess the only option for me now is the Sard 650cc injectors.

Sard 650cc fuel injectors are top-feed, high impedance and an excellent upgrade if you have upgraded your turbine and are gunning for a bit more horses. The set of 6 injectors comes with bolts and spacers designed to use with the OEM fuel rails so it's just a simple case of taking out the old and putting these in. If you're wondering, these have a latency of 1.50msec.

Pic 2: Sard 650cc injectors

I might not need the full 650cc of flow but in the event that I do anymore upgrades in the future (which I have absolutely no plan :P), at least I do not have to worry about injector capacity again.

With these new injectors, the injector and latency correction in the Power PC will need to be adjusted as per below:-

New Injector Correction
Old Size / New Size X 100
370 / 650 = 0.569 X 100 = 56.9%

New Latency Correction
New Latency - Old Latency
1.5 - 0.528 = +9.72 msec

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