Sunday, May 23, 2010

Movie: Drift GT-R

Check out this Japanese movie entitled Drift GT-R that was released in 2008. Basically the storyline is like this:-

Ren, a young street racer has just defeated a red RPS13 on the mountain pass. A moment later, he found that the tires of his BNR32 were stolen by a local tyre and car parts stealing gang! Miyu, the daughter of the gang’s boss challenged Ren to a race. However, Miyu asked him for a favour after she lost the race. Now Ren have to challenge three cars on the touge, 2 RPS13 and the FD3S belonging to the gang leader. What would be the outcome? Watch it to know. :P

Yes, corny storyline but what the hell, I'm just watching the show for the cars! Tyres and car parts stealing gang? Geez!!! LOL :D

Directed by Kichitaro Negishi, it's a pretty short film of just 1:13:29. Stars include unknown people like Taiyo Sugiura, Kazuya Kimura and Mizuho. Acting is pretty dodgy and at parts can be a pretty repetitive. You have been warned. Oh and the lead actor looked like a girl to me. LOL :D

If you have an hour of free time to watch this, you can download it here:-

Movie download:-

English subtitle download:-

Check out the trailer below:-


  1. thanks! im sure its better than the KL DRIFT! :-p

  2. haha the japanese drift series...i watched a few of them before...its really shit acting, shit storyline but yeah...just for the cars

  3. this must be nice..thanks for sharing...

  4. ohmywtf, Evolusi KL Drift not that bad la. Uhmm...coz my car has a couple of seconds scene in it. Hahahaha

    Zul, well this is no different. LOL

    Vivi, no problem and thanks for dropping by. :)

  5. the trailer looks homemade :D
    nice cars !

  6. just watched it, thanks for the download link bro... damn... 180sx sounded like rotary... watched for the sake of the cars... rating: 2/5... repetitive scenes...


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