Monday, May 17, 2010

Willans 4 point harness

Pic 1: Willans harness

I bet most if not all motorsports fan will have heard of Willans. They are the world’s leading harness manufacturer. You'll be able to see their product in all forms of motorsports – from club racing and rallying to Formula One and Nascar. Yeap even Formula One teams uses Willans harness.

I got a Willans 4 point harness to complement the Recaro RS-G seat. Well, might as well right? Afterall, the factory 3 point seat belt will be massively brushing against the Recaro RS-G shoulder support. It's going to definitely worn out that portion of the seat mighty quick if I keep on using that.

Pic 2: Camlock

The version I got is with the Camlock twist buckle quick release version and it work wonders. With a quick twist and all the harness straps unbuckles itself. It even has provision in the twist buckle to accept a fifth harness strap to convert it to a five point or six point harness.

The downside is that it's now a mighty chore just to get strapped in. And once you're strapped in you can't even reach for the glovebox let alone to look over your shoulders when you wanna reverse the car. Eeekk!

Here are some pictures of the harness.

Pic 3: Willans harness

Pic 4: Installed along with the Recaro RS-G


  1. Bad for me, i am not that into cars. XD

  2. nice seat u hav thr bro! envy....

  3. Jonshea, you into chicks more eh?

    jackcwj & Ken, thanks. :)

  4. Will you still be able to put one hand out of the window and take pics while driving? :P

  5. Mun Kit, haven't try it but I think if can, it will be very tough also coz I can't move my shoulders. Damn!


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