Sunday, December 28, 2008

Drive It Like You Stole It #11 - Frasiers Hill

Pic 1: The gang

With the last drive about 3 months ago, driver rust is setting in really bad. With a free weekend, some of us went for the 11th installment of the Drive It Like You Stole It (DILYSI) session. We head to Frasiers Hill again but extended the route from there onwards to Bentong, then Janda Baik and finally Genting Sempah. From there, we joined onto Karak Highway back to Kuala Lumpur.

That’s 220km of pure twisties. Woohoo!!

A total of 8 cars met up at our usual rendezvous point before heading off. There were:-
2 Nissan Skyline 25GT-t
1 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II
1 Nissan 180SX
1 Subaru Impreza Sti Ver. 8
1 Mazda RX-7
1 Toyota MR2
1 BMW E34 5 series (with 1JZ-GTE heart!)

Pic 2: The cars

Yeap. There was a continental. This is the second time a continental make joined our drive. The 1st one was the BMW E60 5 series before DILYSI was started way back in October 2006. The difference is that this E34 has a Japanese heart. LOL :D

The day started off with some setback. As Danial had a nail embedded in one of his tyre, we had to push off without him while he scouts for a tyre shop that is open on an early Sunday morning! Amazingly, he managed fix his tyre and catch up to us not too long after we stopped for breakfast in Frasiers Hill. He must be tearing the roads apart with his SW20. :O

Pic 3: Danial's SW20

This drive is also my getting-to-know-you session with my new tyres. I've only covered 500km in 'em and have not come to grips with it (pun intended). Furthermore, after fitting in the tyres I find the car felt a bit weird when I chuck it into corners. Can't exactly put my finger to it yet.

I was quite worried about the weather report as it predicted clouds in the morning and rain in the afternoon. We were pleasantly surprised to see glorious clear skies during the whole duration of the drive. Rain only started in mid afternoon by which we're already back in Kuala Lumpur. :)

Pic 4: The cars at Frasiers Hill

The drive from Frasiers Hill to Bentong and Janda Baik to Genting Sempah was great fun! Much like The Gap where there is sparse traffic but the corners are a little faster here as it's much less tighter. Very much still Scooby and Evo habitats. ;P

I was not pushing as hard right after Frasiers Hill when the ER34 started giving out a continuous tick-tick sound when the steering is turned. Everything else seems fine except for the worrisome ticking sound. I really hope nothing major is wrong with the ER34.

Oh, someone got himself a battle scar this trip; and was exceptionally cool about it. LOL :D

Many folks have been messaging me for pictures, so I'll keep my writting short and here's the pictures PLUS a video. :)

Man, I need to get the ER34 for a check-up soon.

Vid 1: ER34 at Janda Baik (Part 1 of 2)

Vid 2: ER34 at Janda Baik (Part 2 of 2)

Pic 5: The cars at Frasiers Hill

Pic 6: The whites

Pic 7: Butt shot

Pic 8: The whites (again!)

Pic 9: Woay Chee's mean-looking FD3S

Pic 10: Breakfast in Frasiers Hill

Pic 11: Not your 'normal' E34

Pic 12: ER34 carves some corners

Pic 13: Optimus Prime leading the way to Cybertron

Pic 14: A quick stop for a breather enroute to Janda Baik

Pic 15: Waiting for a bus?

Pic 16: At the bus stop

Pic 17: Off we go again......

Pic 18: Regrouped at Janda Baik Village

Pic 19: At Genting Sempah R&R along Karak Highway

Pic 20: BMW E34 with a grin

Pic 21: Toyota 1JZ-GTE heart

Pic 22: The pop-up headlights gang

Friday, December 26, 2008

Weds Sport SA-90

Pic 1: Weds Sport SA-90 wheels

How does these Weds Sport SA-90 wheels looks? These babies are lighter than my Work wheels. At 17" tyres are also heaps cheaper.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A true Ferrari F430 ?!?!?

Pic 1: Side view of the 'F430'

Came across this Ferrari F430 look-a-like when I was cruising. Couldn't resist and parked my car to sneak a couple of pictures for you guys. There seems to be a lot of interest in the BNCR33/BNR34 hybrid post thus this should interest you guys too.

I must say the conversion done jives pretty well overall. Now all it needs is a 4,300cc V8 engine to complete the 'sound' department.

So you guys can guess what car it is? :)

Pic 2: Front 3/4 view of the 'F430'

Pic 3: Rear 3/4 view of the 'F430'

Pic 4: Front view of the 'F430'

Pic 5: Rear view of the 'F430'

Friday, December 19, 2008

Subaru Impreza WRX STi Ver. 10

Pic 1: Front view

Had a good look and once-over the new (and controversially styled) Subaru Impreza WRX STi Ver. 10. Didn't managed to drive the vehicle as the 'good folks' over at Motor Image does not allow test drives. All I managed was to be a passenger which sucks BUT better than nothing isn’t it? Oh well.....

This WRX STi is the UK version thus it's a 2,500cc instead of the Japanese specs 2,000cc. The hatchback design will surely takes time to get accustomed to especially it's been a sedan for the last 9 generations! This 6-speed baby pumps outs a whopping 300ps@6,000rpm and 407Nm@4,000rpm. Tremendous amount of torque! The pull from the car is awesome; even on 4th gear the Sti rockets ahead! I wish my ER34 has 400Nm of torque! :(

Pic 2: 2,500cc Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine

Besides displacement differences, the UK Spec sports a single-scroll VF48 turbocharger instead of the twin scroll turbocharger in the Japanese Spec. On top of the expected Driver’s Control Centre Differential (DCCD), a new addition would be the SI-Drive (Subaru Intelligent Drive) which offers three driving experience.

Intelligent Mode - Silky smooth performance, comfort and ideal fuel economy around town and for cruising.

Sports Mode - Provides linear response in everyday driving or on the highway

Sports Sharp Mode - Enables the turbocharged 2.5 litre engine to be fully exploited with instant throttle response and precise revving into the red zone.

Pic 3: Interior shot

The interior is nothing much to shout about but luckily it still retains the Defi-like "opening ceremony" in the instrument cluster. The seats can be better though; like those in the Version 8 and 9. It just doesn't 'hug' me enough.

Going over the body lines, I come to appreciate the wider rear and front guards compared to the run-of-the-mill Imprezas. This is indeed a stunning car once you begins to appreciate the lines.

I did drive the Impreza SG-T with 250ps and 333Nm. Was impressed with the power but not the auto transmission. But then again, that's of no interest in this post. Hehehe :)

Here are some pictures I took.

Pic 4: Rear view

Pic 5: The badge says it all

Pic 6: Super wide fenders with air outlets

Pic 7: Wide ass. Why 17" wheels instead of 18"!!!

Pic 7: That's how much wider it is

Pic 9: Stock quad exhaust - very muted tho.

Pic 10: Another interior shot

Monday, December 15, 2008

BCNR33/BN34 hybrid?

Pic 1: BNR34 front

Guess what I saw on my way to work today? This is a unique and one of its kind 'Skyline'. It has a R34 front and R33 rear. It even has a ER34 rear spoiler out at the back.

Do you know what car it is? :P

Pic 2: Rear 3/4 view

Pic 3: BCNR33 rear

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

R33 Skyline GTS25t vs. R34 Skyline 25GTt

This is an interesting video where the R33 Skyline GTS25t is pitted against the R34 Skyline 25GTt. This video done by Best Motoring took place on the south track of the Suzuka Circuit recorded the below best lap out of 3 laps (in the rain!):-

ER34 - 1'02"92
ECR33 - 1'03"92

On the last lap's first corner, the cars were so close together I thought it'll be a fender bender (5'30"-5'40"). Also when the ECR33 oversteered at 6'13" with the ER34 right at its tail!

I'm quite surprised that both cars are pretty much equal.

Enjoy the video.

Friday, December 05, 2008

ER34 for sale?

Out of the blue, someone offered to purchase my ER34 today. He seems quite serious about it. And the seller is willing to wait for me to part with it. Hmmmm......interesting indeed, eh? :P

I wonder how much it will fetch with all the parts in it...........

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fitted Advan Neova AD07 onto the ER34

I was thinking to 'torture' the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 before I fit 'em Yokohama Advan Neova AD07. Went to this empty car park located amongst some nice luxurious houses to do some rubber burning but my plans were short lived when some security guards came out of those uber luxurious bungalows and started shouting at me. Just managed a small clip before I was chased off (This reminds me of the time in Genting Highlands where we were escorted downhill by cops - read here). LOL :D

Here's the video. I know. I suck at doing these stuffs. :(

Anyway, I finally got 'em Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 fitted onto the ER34 over the weekend. Like before, the fronts are 225/40/18 88W while the rear are 255/35/18 90W. I got the rubbers fitted at this tyre shop that's kinda old skool. They use the manual alignment, caster and camber machine.

Pic 1: Manual allignment machine

These are getting rarer by the days as most shops use the electronic equivalents. I dunno about your guys but I prefer the manual way. Looking at the old tyres, gosh they are really goners. It's worn down to the thread wear indicators (TWI) all round. The side shoulders of the front tyres are completely gone from perhaps all those hard cornering. They're cracked at some portions too. Surprisingly, the rear wears out pretty even.

Pic 2: Thread down to its thread wear indicators (TWI)
- RR

Pic 3: Cracked shoulders - FF

On balancing the wheels after fitment of the new rubbers, the rear wheels are balanced via machine while the front are balanced on-wheel. Balancing the rear wheels (LSD rquipped) on-wheel will invariably kill the viscous coupling, the differentials and probably the gearbox too. So be warned. :O

Oh btw, many people or rather almost everyone will not bother to line-up the marking on the tyres to the air valve stem. This match-mounting procedure is to ensure that the lightest weight of the tyres should be aligned with the air valve stem on the wheel assembly, which represents the heaviest weight point of the wheel assembly. After match-mounting the tyre and wheel assembly can be easily balanced. Perhaps not that important or makes that much of a difference but then again, I'm quite picky. LOL :D

Here's some pictures...

Pic 4: Off-wheel balancing for the rear tyres

Pic 5: On-wheel balancing for front tyres

Pic 6: Front Advan AD07s fitted

Pic 7: Rear Advan AD07s fitted

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New rubbers for the ER34 - Yokohama Advan AD07

My previous set of Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 has served me very well but after 18,000km of usage, it has begun to lose its grip. Almost wearing down to it's wear thread wear indicators, the ER34 now twitches its rear when throttling out of corners.

So what shall it be replaced with? I've looked at quite a number of tyres before deciding on the Yokohama Advan AD07. The tyres that I've seriously considered hard are:-

Bridgestone Potenza RE01R
Bridgestone Potenza RE050
Toyo Proxes T1R
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrics
Yokohama Advan Sport V103

I would love the Potenza RE01R but can't seem to find the sizes to fit the rear wheels of the ER34. There were none in Malaysia nor in Singapore. It had to be ordered in from Japan. And I bet the prices are going be astronomical too. Shucks!

The Potenza RE050 are too OE of a tyre choice. Too bad there aren't any RE050A Pole Position available here. :(

I felt that the Toyo Proxes T1-R are overrated for what they are. Sorry my Toyo friends out there. :P

After using the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3, I bet its new replacement, the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric would be stupendous. And stupendous it is in terms of pricing too. It's a couple of hundred Riggit more dearer than the Advan AD07.

My last choice before the Advan AD07 was the Yokohama Advan Sport V103, this tyre are claimed to be the extreme high performance tyres that are fitted to some high end vehicles like Bentleys, AMG Mercedes Benz and Audi S6 and S8. Amazingly, it can withstand speeds of over 300km/h (not that the ER34 will ever see those speeds).

So why Advan AD07 instead of the Advan Sport V103? Well, sizes are available where I am immediately whereas for the Advan Sport V103, it had to be transported from Yokohama's warehouse cross state. Furthermore, many reviews are raving about the Advan AD07s.

The Advan Neova AD07 is designed to provide high levels of traction (AA rating), responsive handling and driving control in dry and wet road conditions. Well actually a bit skeptical about its ability in the wet. Yikes....and I've something against driving in the rain!

Pic 1: Micro Silica (MS) tread compound: The combination of more, smaller-size silica particles and high-grip carbon creates massive traction in hot, dry conditions as well as cold, wet conditions

"The Advan Neova AD07 molds a "fine particle" Micro Silica (MS) tread compound (to provide greater road surface adhesion) into a directional tread pattern that features massive tread blocks with rounded edges to increase cornering stability and steering response while promoting more even wear. Five large circumferential and multiple directionally aligned lateral grooves resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. The tire's structure includes two wide steel belts reinforced by spirally wound nylon to provide strength and uniform ride quality and high-speed capability while the sidewalls are tuned to resist lateral deflection providing handling control and cornering stability."

With a thread wear of a mere 180, I have a feeling that this set of new rubbers won't last too long. I hope I am wrong though. I really hope that I've made the right choice with these quasi semi-slicks. I've just collected the tyres today. It will in no way be able to fit in to the ER34 thus I had to squeeze 'em all into a Hyundai Coupe (GK). Errr....maybe some of you may be wondering what is my unusual pre-occupation with the Hyundai Coupe by now. LOL :D

I've yet to fit them into the ER34 though. It's still stuck inside the Hyundai Coupe as I post this. Maybe I'll find time this weekend to get 'em rubbers onto the ER34.

Stay tuned. :)

Pic 2: Need a trolley to cart 'em into my car

Pic 3: Tough work but still managed to stuff 'em all into the Hyundai Coupe

Pic 4: Single block with groove at the egdes

Pic 5: Optimun groove position

Pic 6: Serrated groove walls

Pic 7: Rounded block design

Pic 8: Dimples

Pic 9: What's insde...

Pic 10: Tyre construction
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