Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A true Ferrari F430 ?!?!?

Pic 1: Side view of the 'F430'

Came across this Ferrari F430 look-a-like when I was cruising. Couldn't resist and parked my car to sneak a couple of pictures for you guys. There seems to be a lot of interest in the BNCR33/BNR34 hybrid post thus this should interest you guys too.

I must say the conversion done jives pretty well overall. Now all it needs is a 4,300cc V8 engine to complete the 'sound' department.

So you guys can guess what car it is? :)

Pic 2: Front 3/4 view of the 'F430'

Pic 3: Rear 3/4 view of the 'F430'

Pic 4: Front view of the 'F430'

Pic 5: Rear view of the 'F430'


  1. hahaha. its a nissan 180sx and i think this car has been featured in leona chin's blog and another one blog's. i can recall. the rear is nice but the front i think, quite ugly.

  2. Hi Harmony. It does look like a real one eh?

    Anonymous, it does look unique.

  3. it is a fly chicken (180sx), from my point of view overall its look very very superb, if the side mirror convert to something more fancy it would be 90/100 lor, i m waiting for the convertion frm Myvi to hummer H3 now ..... =P

  4. what's this?
    guess-what-car-this-'really'-is month?

    good try.. but why? haha

  5. Wor..... I knew this car, haha, wonder how the engine's sound like:)

  6. Ooops....I upset nwb oledi. Ok ok....skyline posts from now on. Hehehe :P

  7. just kidding dude...haha

    keep up the good blogging..i mean 'auto'blogging...haha

  8. i think i saw it in motor trader,think the owner wants to sell it


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