Friday, December 19, 2008

Subaru Impreza WRX STi Ver. 10

Pic 1: Front view

Had a good look and once-over the new (and controversially styled) Subaru Impreza WRX STi Ver. 10. Didn't managed to drive the vehicle as the 'good folks' over at Motor Image does not allow test drives. All I managed was to be a passenger which sucks BUT better than nothing isn’t it? Oh well.....

This WRX STi is the UK version thus it's a 2,500cc instead of the Japanese specs 2,000cc. The hatchback design will surely takes time to get accustomed to especially it's been a sedan for the last 9 generations! This 6-speed baby pumps outs a whopping 300ps@6,000rpm and 407Nm@4,000rpm. Tremendous amount of torque! The pull from the car is awesome; even on 4th gear the Sti rockets ahead! I wish my ER34 has 400Nm of torque! :(

Pic 2: 2,500cc Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine

Besides displacement differences, the UK Spec sports a single-scroll VF48 turbocharger instead of the twin scroll turbocharger in the Japanese Spec. On top of the expected Driver’s Control Centre Differential (DCCD), a new addition would be the SI-Drive (Subaru Intelligent Drive) which offers three driving experience.

Intelligent Mode - Silky smooth performance, comfort and ideal fuel economy around town and for cruising.

Sports Mode - Provides linear response in everyday driving or on the highway

Sports Sharp Mode - Enables the turbocharged 2.5 litre engine to be fully exploited with instant throttle response and precise revving into the red zone.

Pic 3: Interior shot

The interior is nothing much to shout about but luckily it still retains the Defi-like "opening ceremony" in the instrument cluster. The seats can be better though; like those in the Version 8 and 9. It just doesn't 'hug' me enough.

Going over the body lines, I come to appreciate the wider rear and front guards compared to the run-of-the-mill Imprezas. This is indeed a stunning car once you begins to appreciate the lines.

I did drive the Impreza SG-T with 250ps and 333Nm. Was impressed with the power but not the auto transmission. But then again, that's of no interest in this post. Hehehe :)

Here are some pictures I took.

Pic 4: Rear view

Pic 5: The badge says it all

Pic 6: Super wide fenders with air outlets

Pic 7: Wide ass. Why 17" wheels instead of 18"!!!

Pic 7: That's how much wider it is

Pic 9: Stock quad exhaust - very muted tho.

Pic 10: Another interior shot


  1. Hey Ej,

    How much does it cost in Malaysia for these beasts?

    I like the Spec R alot

  2. It's RM 289,000. BUT I'm 'sure' it'll be in the driveway for RM260,000.

  3. the interior looks cheap la EJ... nice review bro...

  4. About the same price here.

    Base Model Spec R is $65000, adding this and that....bumps it up.

  5. yeayea... lucky i cant make it haha... onli seat at passenger side.. KNS... haha... but da torque is good!!!

  6. love the spec... hate the design..

  7. EJ.. I've tested the car yesterday and all I can say is that 45 minutes with the car is enough to satisfy me for the whole day. I was grinning from ear to ear and felt sad of having to return the car back. At RM259 otr its certainly is value for money.


  8. oooo..someone going scooby dooby doo??...

  9. Babad, you drove it? Lucky you bro. So they gave preferential treatment for current MI car owners? :P

    nwb, I love the deep throaty exhaust note of the STi but currently I still can live with a 2 door car. :)

  10. This car still comes with the boxer burble as it is a single scroll turbo. If you try the one Naza brings in the JDM unit.. No burble as it is the twin scroll.. No fun.

    My Legacy is using a twin scroll turbo and it sounds like a cow muhahaha...

  11. Hehehe,..Thank you Eu Jin for posting this. Sorry about the Test-Drive thing coz i dont really know you (due to alot of Crooks & Scams Around, jacking cars & burning salesman, i have to be safe ;)), since Babad knows you (also our friend) i guess its ok for you to Test-Drive it.
    Cool Stuff - Starscream

    P/S: You should have told me about this... ;p

    Cheers Bro!

  12. Well EJ, there you go.. Drop by and say hi to the boys and go for a test drive..and also it will entitle you for a free bragging rights. The privileged few whom have taken the car for a spin..

  13. Starscream (Jofri), no worries. I would love the STi when the need for a 4Dr comes knocking.

    Babad, would even be better if can take the STi out to Frasiers. :P

  14. haha eujin, where did u get to test drive the sti, i'd love one for christmas, but i'd probably love the v8 or v9 better. v10 is only when i was a billionaire, lol


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