Tuesday, November 04, 2008

For sale: Sparco Race Suit

Pic 1: Front of the Sparco race suit

I have for sale a Sparco Race Suit with full Nissan and NISMO livery. It's a genuine Nomex Sparco race suit that conforms to strict F.I.A regulations. The suit is comfortable and are a two-layer suit that exceeds the F.I.A. regulations.

Its size is 58 which is equaliavent to USA size L. Interested? Shoot me an offer via email at eujin[at]hotmail.com

Pic 2: Rear of the Sparco race suit

Pic 3: Front - All suited up :P

Pic 4: Rear - All suited up :P


  1. Bro, why are you getting rid of this!?

  2. Not much use for it. Of course don't mind keeping it unless there is an offer I can't refuse. :)

  3. nic, it's my pjs during winter times. Hahaha

  4. Go Karting la. Track days? It's good to have a set of racing attire. You never know when you'll need them. =)

  5. PJs? or rather sleep with it so you don't have to get change to delivery tofu at 3 a.m? :P

  6. leo, thats true tho. :)

    nicwan, tofu delivery at 3am? Hahahaha.....thats a good one. :D

  7. I would like to buy this race suit off you. I sent you an email from kstegman[at]hotmail[dot]com Let me knowif you still have it for sale:)

  8. Sold to a fellow Skyline (BNR32) owner in Canada. :)


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