Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hyundai Coupe GK F/L2

Pic 1: Front shot

Spend a weekend with the Hyundai Coupe GK facelifted version and I must say I'm quite impressed with the car. Also known as the Tiburon or Tuscani, this is the second facelift on the GK model. It is of course now replaced with the all new Genesis Coupe (BH) - some pictures here.

Comparing my experience with the pre-facelift GK (both the 2.0 and 2.7 litres version), I must say this facelifted GK provides a much more engaging driving experience. The 2.0 litres inline 4 cylinder Beta II CVVT powerplant produces 141hp @ 6000rpm and 184Nm of torque @ 4500rpm. Might not be much if compared to the ER34 but it's actually quite allright. The exhaust note is pretty good and the biggest improvement to me is the suspension and handling. It now rides firmer and tracks better. I drove it up to 200km/h and feel absolutely confident in the stability of the car.

Seems like I'm having a soft spot for the GK Coupe.

Hmmm......would be interesting to have a DILYSI session with all the Hyundai Coupes (Scoupe, RD1, RD2, and GK models). Anyone? *smirks* :P

Pic 2: Rear shot. Notice the ER34 carpark number? Know what it means? :P


  1. 23, Nissan trademark number. ;)
    when ya get the RWD coupe do drop me call to come over and have a look. =)

  2. Jen Shen, thats right! :)

    The RWD coupe is only left hand drive thus can't be sold in Malaysia. Planning to 'find' one unit for a spin tho. :P

  3. lol another flight to korea, eu jin. this car definitely has the looks and all. sadly hyundais depreciate pretty fast. maybe in the next 10 years, i could be a lucky owner of one, haha.

  4. Another flight to Korea? Hey I don't mind man. :P

    Hyundai is getting better by the day. It's now currently the Global Top 5 Brand.


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