Sunday, November 02, 2008

ER34 photoshoot #01

Pic 1: The ER34 with new clothes on :P

Here's the first set of photos from a quick photoshoot. The clouds were a bit dark and cloudy at the time; I think it made the photos looked better. Try to study the lines of the bodykit that joins seamlessly with those of the ER34. Very subtle and very OE indeed.

I hope these pictures will give you an idea of how the IMPUL 534S bodykit looked like overall. There will be a second set of pictures coming soon shot in another location.

Comments welcomed.

Pic 2: Front 3/4 view

Pic 3: Rear 3/4 view

Pic 4: Note how the bonnet lines join the bumper

Pic 5: Note how the rear bumper line and side skirt line matches that of the body

Pic 6: Rear bumper has an 'apron' of sort

Pic 7: Front 3/4 view

Pic 8: Front 3/4 view

Pic 9: Front 3/4 view

Pic 10: Side view

Pic 11: Front 3/4 view

Pic 12: The insides of the boot were repainted as well

Pic 13: Clean engine bay

Pic 14: Repainted engine bay

Pic 15: Repainted engine bay


  1. LOl...... that's GREAT...... your new paint look fantastic just like new car:). Awesome........ Jin.

  2. great paintjob! ur car is possibly worth extra 20 grand now haha...

    wana ask tho, did they remove the engine/engine parts or just cover it really well to repaint the engine bay?

  3. Thanks prince.

    Zul, the engine was not removed but parts around it were and the rest were all covered up. The rear undercarriage were painted as well once any rust were rid of. So extra 5 grand there? LOL :D

  4. Nice one EJ - loved those symetrical lines. U may want to consider bigger fog lights. The current ones look small for its space.

  5. Impul kit looks great man !!

    Trying to get the rear and sides myself as well

  6. one word - nice. nice ride u owned there.

  7. wilfred, that's my NISMO clear indicator lights. :P

    teo, thanks man. There were someone selling in Sydney me think. Posted in SAU long time ago.

    Thanks anonymous. Would be great if you can reply with your name. :)

  8. yeah i wanted to buy that but someone in Perth bought it b4 i had the chance.

    Happened to meet the guy - Ryan (Nizilla) when we came out for a dinner/cruise. Almost strangled him when i knew it was him who bought the kit : (

  9. At last, you've perfected the outlook after months. Great. Sigh, miss mine though. Wonder how she's doing?

  10. beautiful bro... it looks awesome...

  11. dude, u've just 'skylined' ur skyline..hahaha good job...

  12. teo, hahaha. Someone bought it and its running around in your area. Sucks eh? :P

    fui foo, where's your ride? You're based overseas?

    Thanks darius and nwb. :)

  13. Not really my ride anymore. I sold it to get a SG5 for my wife last April after married. So no more joystick style for shifting up and down.

  14. Only my 5cents of comment, as for me i prefer spray the diffuser part of the real bumper to grey or black the rest everything is great!!! goodjob mate!!

  15. fui foo, SG5 is a speed demon with plenty of space. :)

    j-e34, I actually considered that but will afraid that the sides will look weird coz it's squarish? Maybe I need to photoshop one for imagination.

  16. a nice impul wing will complete it ;)

  17. anonymous, the IMPUL 534S rear wing is a GT Wing. Not that fond of GT Wing. Furthermore it has been discontinued from production. With the price of the GT Wing, I can get a genuine BNR34 rear wing. That would be better.

    Too costly for me tho. :(

  18. Looks great Eu Jin, awesome job on the new exterior look. It definitely complements the bodylines of the GTT :)

  19. Looks more like a bnr-34 now!

  20. ur car looks new as if it came out from the factory :D

  21. Eu Jin,

    Nice job man. Looks like loads of work on this ride and I think every sec of the 28 days spent was well worth it.

    Anyhow, wanted to share with you that the next open drift practise is this Sunday at 10 am to 6 pm at Bukit Jalil carpark A. Save some rubber from your weekend blasts up the hills for some sideways action. The morning sessions are great from newbies such as myself as there are few cars and there are some seniors who help out. Great fun and very safe. No cops or trees or lamp posts to avoid.

    Think about it.


    Leon Tan
    R33 GTS

  22. Hi Leon, this Sunday drift session eh? Would love to but am not planning to drift the ER34. Would be heartbroken to do so. LOL :D


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