Saturday, November 01, 2008

Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (M) for sale

Pic 1: Sakakida's ER34 is with a heavy heart I've to list out bro sakakida's ER34 for sale. He has owned the car for 2 years now and he had to let it go reluctantly due to the need for a 4 door car to meet family needs.

The car is a 2001 year made vehicle and was registered in December 2006. The vehicle is a daily driver and the owner takes care of her well. This ER34 is currently running 300whp at the moment. Here some some specification of the car.

HKS front mount intercooler
HKS EVC 6 boost controller
Mines' ECU
GReddy Oil Cooler
Project Mu rotors (front)
Endless SSS brake pads
APP braided hose
Cusco brake cylinder stopper
Blitz 3" J pipe (downpipe)
GAB coilovers
Sound system
2 way alarm system

Interested? You may contact the owner via or post your queries here.


  1. Y is everyone selling of their rides!!!!!!!!!!!
    Darn it....we losing members at godspeed.....

  2. nice ride...any idea how much is he looking at?

  3. nwb, over in your country it's way cheaper man. :P

  4. Devilish thoughts are crossing my mind every now and then.... whether or not to sell of my beloved er34... but the passion remains strong for now...but until when?

  5. joethurr, nooo......don't be influenced by sakakida. LOL :D

  6. the passion is still strong in my heart... this is the greatest car i have ever drove after so many cars in my life... (my dad sell cars)

    anyway have to let it go due to in need of 4 doors vehicle. but just let the luck rules... if got buyer then sell if no buyer then keep heheheh and by a second hand wira

  7. joethurr..u plan to sell of ya er34??planning to get GTR34 right??hehehe

  8. think ill hold on to it a lil longer...selling only when getting married... so when the time is right, the car might have to go..

  9. nice car though, ur friend should probably trade with a 4 door gtt, then he wont feel so sad! dont have money, but this is awesomely nice for a car to buy


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