Sunday, November 16, 2008

A lazy Sunday quick detailing session

Pic 1: Meguair's NXT Generation® Spray Wax

What to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon when your car is 'stranded' and are unfit for drives? Coupled with some free time on hand, guess it's a good excuse to pamper the ER34 with some tender loving care. Took out the Meguair's NXT Generation® Spray Wax and gave the car a good once over with some quick detailing work to maintain gloss and protect the paint work.

So what is needed? Just basically 4 items:-
Meguair's NXT Generation® Spray Wax
A 100% cotton terry cloth towel
Your labour and time
A can of beer

Its claimed Engineered Synthetic Polymers (ESP) restores the paint work and gives it the wet-look shine. What's of importance to me is it maximizes water beading during rain.

The product isn't exactly cheap but I just love it when water just rolls off the car along with all the dirt and grime. :)

Pic 2: Aussie Foster's beer in a makeshift cold box is optional :P

Pic 3: Spray 'em onto the cool washed surface of the ER34

Pic 4: Buff off with cotton terry cloth towel

Pic 5: Buff off with cotton terry cloth towel

Pic 6: Lovely twin stove taillights :)


  1. Shiny!
    I love the water beading during rain-falls too. It shows that we keep our cars clean!

  2. Omg...... that's cool. That wax it is suitable for any color?(like metalic ,2k and etc)

  3. hehe...din show any beading pics??hehe

  4. Prince, yes of course.

    Devil, water beading pics? Didn't take any la. After wax it poured cats and dogs tho. Lucky thing got shelter. Hehe

  5. hehehehe...

    lovely owner with sweet ride...


  6. hey bro..where u got that spray wax and how much it cost? plan to get the way..when is the next drive??hehehe

  7. alvin, you can get it from Homefix stores at RM50.

    Next drive after I save up for new rubbers. :P

  8. haha normally i wax my car so often that i always see the water beads too, just slides off effortlessly on the bonnet :P

    Your car is always so clean!

  9. Hey EJ,

    Just wondering how much did it cost you to do your Japanese Skyline sticker?

    I want one to but for a starlet. It's so expensive to custom make one here in Aus

  10. nic, it was errr...if I remember correctly about RM20-RM25. The design was from me, they took an awful long time to trace the Jap words into their plotter software tho.


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