Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fitted Advan Neova AD07 onto the ER34

I was thinking to 'torture' the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 before I fit 'em Yokohama Advan Neova AD07. Went to this empty car park located amongst some nice luxurious houses to do some rubber burning but my plans were short lived when some security guards came out of those uber luxurious bungalows and started shouting at me. Just managed a small clip before I was chased off (This reminds me of the time in Genting Highlands where we were escorted downhill by cops - read here). LOL :D

Here's the video. I know. I suck at doing these stuffs. :(

Anyway, I finally got 'em Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 fitted onto the ER34 over the weekend. Like before, the fronts are 225/40/18 88W while the rear are 255/35/18 90W. I got the rubbers fitted at this tyre shop that's kinda old skool. They use the manual alignment, caster and camber machine.

Pic 1: Manual allignment machine

These are getting rarer by the days as most shops use the electronic equivalents. I dunno about your guys but I prefer the manual way. Looking at the old tyres, gosh they are really goners. It's worn down to the thread wear indicators (TWI) all round. The side shoulders of the front tyres are completely gone from perhaps all those hard cornering. They're cracked at some portions too. Surprisingly, the rear wears out pretty even.

Pic 2: Thread down to its thread wear indicators (TWI)
- RR

Pic 3: Cracked shoulders - FF

On balancing the wheels after fitment of the new rubbers, the rear wheels are balanced via machine while the front are balanced on-wheel. Balancing the rear wheels (LSD rquipped) on-wheel will invariably kill the viscous coupling, the differentials and probably the gearbox too. So be warned. :O

Oh btw, many people or rather almost everyone will not bother to line-up the marking on the tyres to the air valve stem. This match-mounting procedure is to ensure that the lightest weight of the tyres should be aligned with the air valve stem on the wheel assembly, which represents the heaviest weight point of the wheel assembly. After match-mounting the tyre and wheel assembly can be easily balanced. Perhaps not that important or makes that much of a difference but then again, I'm quite picky. LOL :D

Here's some pictures...

Pic 4: Off-wheel balancing for the rear tyres

Pic 5: On-wheel balancing for front tyres

Pic 6: Front Advan AD07s fitted

Pic 7: Rear Advan AD07s fitted


  1. lolz...u donut in the early morning izzit?Wakaka...

  2. Yea, it was at 8:30am. Guess I woke up some important people. LOL :D

  3. hahaha yeap you should learn more making donut:) but i love your engine sound, falling in love with it XD.

  4. Great effort EJ..
    Should have video'd the guard shooing you... try again la tomorrow morning..

  5. dude, i think i will get the same model as you got there.. no budget for bridgestone...

  6. hahaha... LSD ur deff and donut all the way !!!


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