Monday, November 10, 2008

ER34 Photoshoot #02

Pic 1: Side profile

Pursuant to my earlier post on photoshoot of the ER34, here is the second set of photos as promised. It looks like it's shot inside a studio eh?

What do you think? Comments welcomed.

Pic 2: Rear shot

Pic 3: Front view

Pic 4: Side view

Pic 5: Rear view


  1. Your wife never make me dissapoited :)

  2. wow nice pics, add a couple of headlines, and sidelines...its' magazine cover quality man...

    good job

  3. I'm quite stunned by the photos myself. It was difficult to find the blue wall for contrast. Most if not all walls are white.

  4. red wall lah. :p
    you punya colour coordination mana? hehe

  5. The car needs the bnr34 rear wing! :P

  6. Lovely! When you do Penang can u pls help to take beauty shots of my Slowtra?

  7. Bro andrew, I amateur photographer la. Just my luck it turns out nice. Hehehe

  8. nice pic and also kind of hard to find place to snap picture especially as per mention blue wall. another idea is dirt industrial area will be good too.


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