Thursday, October 29, 2009

For Sale: Z32 AFM

Pic 1: Z32 AFM

Due to popular demand, I'm putting for sale this spare Z32 AFM (Part No. 22680-30P00) with socket/plug. This unit has a small little crack at the screw hole. No worries, no effect on performance or whatsoever. After you screw in your air filter, it will not be visible at all.

Pic 2: Wire mesh in perfect nick

Pic 3: Wire mesh in perfect nick

Pic 4: Small crack at screw hole

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

For Sale: Massive GReddy Intercooler

Pic 1: GReddy Intercooler - H300mm X L700mm X W100mm

I've a massive GReddy Intercooler with the below measurements for sale:-

Height : 300mm
Length : 700mm
Width : 100mm

Yes it's THAT huge. The intercooler is used but condition as you can see is A1. It's superb actually. This would be ideal in a GT-R or a Supra. Interested? Gimme an email via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com

Pic 2: It's a GReddy

Pic 3: Side view

Pic 4: End tanks

Friday, October 23, 2009

BNR34 Rear Spoiler - 2 units of 'em!

Pic 1: The 2 units of BNR34 rear spoiler

Ever since I got the ER34, I have aspired it to have the BNR34 rear spoiler instead of the stock GTT spoiler. I mean the stock spoiler is ok but over time you get to see the same spoiler (copy versions) on every other car on the road. You see it on Gen.2, Persona, Corolla, Vios, City, etc....heck even on a bloody VW Bettle!

This compounded my will to replace my rear spoiler even more. However, I've search high and low locally for I guess the better part of 2 years BUT no one seems to have it nor brought it into the country. I've found some units in Japan but the prices are ridiculously high. It's madness! Seems like the Japs are still very much eager and hot over the R34 (despite it age!).

Pic 2: The 2 units of BNR34 rear spoiler (top shot)

Thus I turned to search on another continent. Looked at places like Ireland, Netherlands, etc .... and finally as luck would have it, I found two nice chaps in London that's about to remove their BNR34 rear spoiler off their car. Not sure what they are going to replace it with (GT-Wing perhaps) but this gives me the opportunity to grab those spoilers. Hehehe

Importing a spoiler into the country is no easy task. First up, Parcel Force (UK's equivalent of Pos Malaysia) will not accept the package due to it's size. It measures 1.5 metres long -oversized I guess. Damn!

If you turn to international courier companies like DHL or TNT, they charge GBP1,300 to deliver it to Malaysia on first class priority mail. I would have taken the spoiler and whack the head off the DHL/TNT representative if I'm in the UK. Geez, what a rip off!

Pic 3: The 2 units of BNR34 rear spoiler

Thankfully I can temporarily store the spoiler at my uncle's place (Thank you so much and sorry for all the trouble running around) while I figured out how to get it back home. What a major headache! Took a couple of aspirins with this in my head for a couple of weeks. :(

Luckily, my mate Zuff took the trouble to arrange it to be couriered back via his contacts. Thank you so much buddy. I really appreciate the help. :)

The spoilers arrive on separate consignments. Thankfully too because two rear spoilers isn't going fit into my car. Even with 1 unit it's tough. I had to throw away the box at the customs office. LOL :D

Yeap, this meant that I've got to make 2 separate trips to the customs office which is about 40 minutes drive one way. That's a lot of time, toll fares and fuel used!

Pic 4: The 2 units of BNR34 rear spoiler (bottom shot)

I've just cleared the second spoiler yesterday and here's some interesting bit of conversation/experience at the customs office. :)

Upon reaching the customs office, the security guard greeted me when I was registering to go in. He said, "Collecting spare parts again?”. WTF, I must be coming way too often.

With my clearance documents in hand, the picking boy also recognize me and asked, "What spare parts are you collecting today?". Damn! Hahahahaha

Taxes? Yeap got taxed but just a little bit. Had to stop laughing to myself when I insist that the rear spoilers are meant for the Nissan Sentra. Tough to wiggle my way out of taxes as the package is bloody huge! LOL :D

Anyway, the units that I brought in are painted in Sonic Silver (KR4) and Midnight Purple II (LV4). Seeing the Midnight Purple II paint up close is amazing. Under sunlight, the colour flip between purple, green and a hint of goldish. Uber cool!!!

Some might be wondering why the heck I bought in two units. Well, in my search I found two units thus I figured I might as well get it in and offer the other unit for a fellow Skyline owner.

Loads of parties are interested on the spare rear spoiler but the item is already booked by my ER34's evil twin brother. :)

I can't wait to get my unit installed onto the ER34! Hmmm.....but then again, I've also had something else in mind for a rear wing. Should I sell this off? Wonders .....

Woohoo, another item crossed from my wish list. :)

Sonic Silver (KR4) unit

Pic 5: The package

Pic 6: This is how you fit in a BNR34 rear wing into the ER34

Pic 7: The Sonic Silver (KR4) BNR34 rear spoiler

Pic 8: The Sonic Silver (KR4) BNR34 rear spoiler

Midnight Purple II (LV4) unit

Pic 9: The package

Pic 10: The Midnight Purple II (LV4) BNR34 rear spoiler

Pic 11: Check out the shade of purple under the sun

Pic 12: Can't resist to snap this dumping pic :P

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

E36 BMWline BNR34 GT-R

Pic 1: The transformation

Some guys just love the BMW 3 series so much. But then again, they also love the raw look of the
BNR34. So what do you do when you are in that predicament? Hmmm ..... how about cross breed both cars and create a wild child?

Some bloke in the United States decided to do just that and came out with his interpretation of the ultimate R34. You get plush ride, comfortable interior and bad boy outlook. This my friend is the E36 BMWline BNR34 GT-R. :)

Comments anyone? LOL :D

Pic 2: Fast and Furious inspired eh?

Pic 3: Slap on 'em R34 taillights

Pic 4: Z-Tune the hood man

Pic 5: Rear 3/4 profile

Pic 6: Got to love 'em taillights

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nonsense ramblings of a R34 owner

Pic 1: Thinking......

Have you ever just sat back and thought about what you've done, what you're doing or what you're going to do on a certain subject matter?

Well of late since a couple of months ago, I've occasionally done just that. And the subject matter is my ER34. I've owned the ER34 just over 3 years now and my final repayments are due in January 2010. That's just 4 months away. After that, the ER34 is all mine. Yes every single nut and bolt belongs to me and not the financing institution. And of course every single depreciation cents are also my problem. :P

Flashes of thoughts that passed by my brain and processed by the network of electrons include whether to sell off the ER34 and get a 'proper' car or perhaps just purchase a rust bucket as a daily driver and keep the ER34 at home.

I remember a few months back I had an episode with my backbone. The bottom tip of my backbone called the Coccyx was killing me everything I tried to get up after sitting down on the floor. It's excruciating suffice to say. X-Ray scans showed something was swollen. After a week or two of muscle relief treatments it's back to 99% normal. At that time, it did occur to me that if it didn't go away, I might just had to change another car. Climbing out of the ER34 was also painful. Wtf man.

Even though the back issue is settled, it still did occur to me if the ER34 is gonna be with me for long? Let's face it, my dream is the BNR34 not the ER34. Whenever I see a BNR34 (especially white and bayside blue units), I look back at my car and it's just worlds apart. The emotions one gets looking at a BNR34 is twice stronger than looking at the ER34. But unfortunately I can't afford a BNR34. The ER34 alone is killing me financially.

And if I sell off the ER34 what could I get in replacement? Nothing within my small financial budget excites me or 'suits' my character. A 'normal' 4 door saloon like a Honda Civic FD1 or a slightlier sporty 4 door saloon like a Mitsubishi Lancer GT? A wagon like a Caldina GT-4? Hmmm....don't quite gel in me think.

Pic 2: Nissan Stagea with BNR34 front end

How come there are no Nissan Stagea here in Malaysia??? It'll be super cool with a Masa Motorsport M34-R front end conversion to a look like a R34. Uber cool!

Or should I finance another car? A beat up/older car like the Nissan Sentra B14 or a newer cheaper car like the new Proton Saga? It'll be a great car to run around in, no need to worry about parking and cheap to maintain. But then again, I could use the money for other more precious things in life instead of another car. Afterall, to and fro from home to work is just about 20km of driving.

Pic 3: Nissan Stagea with BNR34 front end

If I keep the ER34, the mods will never stop. There will be more money going into the car as my wish list is still a very very long. Lots more to go for me to strike out most of the items. :P

Should I stop modding the car? I don't think I can though as it's a neverending quest for more power, better handling and a nicer esthetically. To mod or not to mod, that is the question.

I was known (ever so slightly) to be a mad dude on the twisties since my Perdana V6 days and I still enjoy the thrills. Maybe I am getting old but sometimes I scare myself silly too. LOL

I sometimes scare myself even on the straights excellerating hard through the gears in traffic. Even sillier is that this dude somethings shocked himself when the exhaust explodes LOUDLY unexpectedly. I must be getting old. Hahahaha

Of course I can't deny that I suddenly becomes a devil behind the wheel when the road opens up to some great mountain roads. Damn I miss my touge session to Frasiers Hill!!!

Pic 4: Nissan Skyline CPV35

Oh, by the way, the CPV35 Skyline coupe is also pretty stunning in it's own way. I know a fair bit of people gonna shoot me for saying that. LOL

What is all this nonsense ramblings? I must be really getting old. Hahahaha

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Perdana Skyline ???

Pic 1: The Perdana Skyline

Spotted this Proton Perdana V6 with a HUGE Skyline sticker at it's rear end in Johor Bahru last week. And the funny thing was the car is blocking an access road, and I was asked twice whether that is my car; and to remove it if it's mine.

Don't wanna say much partly because I was speechless.

Pic 2: The Perdana Skyline

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Skyline Photoshoot October '09

Pic 1: The setup

Bro Azmir arranged a photoshoot for some fellow Skyline owners today and 6 cars turned up. There were 2 BNR34, 2 ER34, 1 ECR33 and 1 S130 280ZX.

These guys (the photographers - Azmir, Ian and Vincent) are really professional with their gears and setup. I am mighty impressed!

And I am even more impressed by the results of the shoot. The on-site preview via the digital camera LCD screen was awesome. Thank you guys for the effort and time to shoot our cars. I really appreciate it very much.

I can't wait for the final results once the photographers are done with their editing. I'm sure it will be stunning. In the meantime check out some non-professional shots of the session below.

The professional shots here: Azmir's blog

Pic 2: Azmir and Ian getting some shots

Pic 3: Ian the sniper

Pic 4: Azmir and Ian getting more shots

Pic 5: Ian shooting from afar

Pic 6: This is how you do it professionally

Pic 7: Azmir's ER34

Pic 8: Razlan's beast of a BNR34

Pic 9: Nas's BNR34

Pic 10: Marcus' immaculate ECR33. This car is stunning!

Pic 11: Kevin's S130 280ZX. Old Skool!

Pic 12: The group waiting ....

Pic 13: Group shot

Pic 14: Group shot

Pic 15: Group shot

Pic 16: Group shot. Yea colour a bit off here. :(

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Under hood heatshield removal

Pic 1: Disintegrating heatshield

The ER34 heatshield (under the hood) is notorious for being gradually breaking apart. Mine is no exception and over time, it has developed into a sad state. My quest to search for a perfect condition one has thus far churn out nothing but disappointments.

The insulation material which looks kinda like very smiliar in texture to cocunut husk to me, have been slowly disintegrating into thin air. I wonder where it all went? Hope some didn't end up sucked into the engine via the air filter. :P

Pic 2: Took it out of the car

Pic 3: This is how it looks like at the back, in case you're curious

In the end, one fine day I've just decided to remove it all together and run without a headshield. Yeap, the hood has gotten hotter and the engine noise inside the cabin has gone up higher in decibal too. The HKS SQV blow off valve is also noticeably much louder now. Oh well, one has got to do what one has got to do. :)

Under the heatshield, the paint is a tad dirty. Maybe one day I'll just get it repainted. Yea, I know I'm pretty fussy about these things. *smile*

Pic 4: Running without heatshield

Pic 5: Naked now :P
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