Saturday, October 03, 2009

Under hood heatshield removal

Pic 1: Disintegrating heatshield

The ER34 heatshield (under the hood) is notorious for being gradually breaking apart. Mine is no exception and over time, it has developed into a sad state. My quest to search for a perfect condition one has thus far churn out nothing but disappointments.

The insulation material which looks kinda like very smiliar in texture to cocunut husk to me, have been slowly disintegrating into thin air. I wonder where it all went? Hope some didn't end up sucked into the engine via the air filter. :P

Pic 2: Took it out of the car

Pic 3: This is how it looks like at the back, in case you're curious

In the end, one fine day I've just decided to remove it all together and run without a headshield. Yeap, the hood has gotten hotter and the engine noise inside the cabin has gone up higher in decibal too. The HKS SQV blow off valve is also noticeably much louder now. Oh well, one has got to do what one has got to do. :)

Under the heatshield, the paint is a tad dirty. Maybe one day I'll just get it repainted. Yea, I know I'm pretty fussy about these things. *smile*

Pic 4: Running without heatshield

Pic 5: Naked now :P


  1. i guess being a detail freak, ud wanna see everything in tip top working condition and also eye-candyish if possible. haha, have you considered dynamat? they might work well against your coconut husk trims

  2. kev, exactly man. I wanna make sure everything is tip top. I think I'll leave it bare instead of sticking more stuffs under it like dynamat. Afterall, noise is not much of an issue to me. :)

    Fir, cf hood eh? Maybe or maybe not. :(

  3. hi eu jin, chew soon here from the v-sixers days. its been a while, think like 5 years??

    anyways its glad to be able to stumble upon your blog after so long back in the v-sixers day.

    you got a nice ride!!

  4. Hi Chew Soon,

    Good to hear from you man. Yea, it's been a long time since those days. And those were the BEST cardays - ever! :)

    Thanks man. Reading your Vios turbo now. Damn impressive!

  5. Bro Andrew, not enough cash reserve for that luxury. :(

  6. Bro,

    Save up lor.. I'm sure you'l get there. Nissan bonnets including the one on my Sentra weighs a ton!


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