Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For Sale: Z32 AFM with plug/socket

Pic 1: Z32 AFM with plug

I've for sale a Nissan Fairlady 300ZX (Z32) Air Flow Meter. The unit even comes with the plug/socket. This is a great upgrade for RB engines as this 80mm AFM supports up to 500bhp. Perfect if you're chasing higher output from your RB/SR engine and/or are running aftermarket ecu like an Apexi Power FC.

Comparatively, a brand new Z32 AFM with Tomei plug (if you don't have the original plug) costs US$436.81.

Interested? Gimme an offer. :)

Pic 2: Part number 22680-30P00

Pic 3: Sensor and wire mesh is in perfect nick.

Pic 4: Z32 AFM with plug


  1. does it fits z31 280z ?

    mine is faulty. :(

    reply me @

  2. u sure u wanna sell?

    i saw a power fc for rb25 on sale on dcm. can complement the pfc if u get it


  3. Please email me if you still have it:

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