Wednesday, September 02, 2009

ER34 versus Genesis Coupe

Pic 1: ER34 versus Genesis Coupe - front

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe has been gaining headlines throughout the world since its launch end of 2008. This is the first rear wheel drive sports coupe from Korea. It was even slotted to be in Fast and Furious 4. :O

It didn't appear though, not too sure why..... *shrugs*

The Genesis Coupe is offered in two powerplants, a 2.0L turbocharged 4 cylinder engine producing 210hp and 302Nm of torque AND a 3.8L Lambda V6 engine producing 306hp and 361Nm of torque.

Pic 2: ER34 versus Genesis Coupe - rear

What do you think of the Genesis Coupe? Is it so much better than the ER34? Or is it the other way round? :P

The 3.8 V6 does the century sprint in less than 6 seconds while the smaller 4 pot engine does it in less than 7 seconds. Mighty impressive I must say. Interior wise is pretty well equipped too.

Pic 3: ER34 versus Genesis Coupe - front comparo

Pic 4: ER34 versus Genesis Coupe - rear comparo

Interestingly also, the aftermarket development is picking up for the Genesis Coupe. Rhys Millen is driving one on drift events in the United States. Great marketing/promotion I must say.

Pic 5: Rhys Millen's car

HKS USA also developed aftermarket support for the car. They did up a car with HKS GT2835R turbine, HKS Super Mega Flow Intake System, HKS intercooler, HKS super sequential blow-off valve, HKS stainless tubular manifold, HKS performance stainless cat-back exhaust, HKS carbon fiber air box and intake duct, HKS engine internals, HKS Engine Management, HKS CAMP2, HKS Super Fire spark plugs and HKS Hipermax III fully-adjustable suspension. The car also wears a neat looking bodykit by Ken Style.

So what do you think? ER34 or Genesis Coupe for the win? Hehehe

Pic 6: The HKS Genesis Coupe


  1. it looks good. how much is it priced here?

    btw my opinion's a hyundai. :)

  2. Not looking at which manufacturer brand.. The overall looks quite neat and nice with Ken Style body kits.

    Have you tested it? Performance and Handling wise? hehe

  3. azmir1, it's not gonna be cheap. Furthermore it's a Left Hand Drive. Hyundai that bad mer?

    Alex, no chance to test it. If can bring it to Frasiers Hill then I can tell you how it handles. Kekeke

  4. looking past the badge, it's a decent car. looks good from some angles.

    but yeah... it's a hyundai =P

    many of us still have the perception that it is inferior to proton/perodua but in fact it has improved by leaps and bounds. (as should have been the case with P1/P2)

    i think depending on the price it would sell.

  5. Eu Jin, I actually don't know if Hyundai is good or bad. It may be good.

    But the name Hyundai doesn't evoke that kind of excitement the R34 does. Hehehehe....

    I do, however, think that if the price is right, a lot of ppl might just get it. Including me. :)

  6. Hyundai has got what it takes to make exciting cars that can take on the Japs....only thing is they need to put more effort in the interior finishing....while it looks good from the outside...the inside is sooo plasticky...that said, I still hope they bring in RHD soon

  7. i think theyre progressing a lot better than our local boys here.

    but in any case, im nissan biased.


  8. IMHO - The HKS Genesis looks far much better than stock. Donno ler why.... May be without the "H" logo make lots off different leh.... Redesign the "H" ler then.... hahahahahahahaha.....

  9. Give Hyundai time, and they will be there along with the Japs. It's already evident in UK and the States.

    Zul, I'm biased to Nissan too. Kekeke

    Toyol, put Lexus badge terus saham naik. LOL :D

  10. inline-6 ftw man! lol. even that the hyundai would be an FR v8'er, a skyline is always timeless. i just bought a timeless ride myself too, haha, feel free to peek in my blog

  11. Kev, nice ride man. All the luck in restoring it to it's original beauty. It's gonna be a smash but getting back original parts could be a pain in the ass. :P

  12. Genesis wins hands down for styling. As for building power, the 4B11T is more substantial with proper aftermarket support to make loads more.

    After all, it (the 4B11T engine) is the successor to the world reknown 4G63 powerhouse!

  13. thanks man, most parts are still intact. just a couple of missing parts. most importantly is to get the car running, the road tax died in 1997 and i still have the relic, blue coloured registration card before the printed one! lol, pure antique indeed

  14. bro, check this out...

  15. check soon with full of power banger for 4 bring 450+ hp

  16. I've been doing a lot of research on these to cars and I've decided on the Genesis based off of power. The great part about these cars is that they are very well priced and are not something you would have to sell your structured settlement for in order to afford them.


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