Wednesday, September 09, 2009

RB25DETT - A twin turbo-ed RB25

Pic 1: RB25DETT from Japan

Bro Alvin asked about RB25DETT a while back and today bro Azmir did the same. I dig into my resources and here is it .... a RB25DETT. Yeap, A twin turbo-ed RB25. I came across the above picture in Yahoo Auctions a long time back. This custom one-off manifold to mount the twins were for sale. Nope, I didn't bid for it. The novelty is great but doubt it is worth the effort and the cost.

Here is another example done in the UK.

Pic 2: RB25DETT from the UK


  1. how much is it??i'm a bit interested...hehehe..

  2. EJ,

    Originally RB25DET comes with single turbo?

  3. i kinda doubt its worth of having a twin turbo. What sort of gain is expected to archive from it?


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