Thursday, September 17, 2009

For Sale: Mocal Oil Catch Tank

I'm pretty sure you guys are aware that out there in the market there are a myriad of
fake/copies/imitation oil catch tank available. These unscrupulous people have copied branded items like Cusco and GReddy oil catch tank right down to the packaging.

To the unsuspecting buyer, he would be thinking that it's a great deal as it's probably at least half the price of the original. This got me thinking of alternatives and thus I purchased the 2l Mocal Oil Catch Tank off a race team from the UK.

Pic 1: Mocal Oil Catch Tank

The Mocal Oil Catch Tank is made of aluminum alloy and is FiA compliant. Due to changes in plan and also the reluctance to remove the NEO cover (at the moment!) I'm offering this out for sale. The item is brand new and unused but ever so slightly soiled (as in minute scratches due to storage).

Pic 2: Check out the welding

Everything about this item oozes high end quality.

i) High quality welds
ii) Made from aluminium alloy
iii) FiA compliant
iv) Festo fittings (Made in UK)
v) Festo pneumatic hose MIII (004) (Made in UK)
vi) Elesa oil cap and drain plug (Made in Italy)

Brand new it costs £135.77 excluding delivery. If you are interested, offer me a reasonable price and it's yours.

Pic 3: Elesa oil cap

Pic 4: Festo pneumatic hose MIII (004)

Pic 5: Elesa drain plug

Pic 6: Mocal Oil Catch Tank


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