Friday, September 11, 2009

HKS Type S Intercooler Kit Installed!!

Pic 1: This is going in!

Pic 2: Test fitting the intercooler

I have an illegal product in the ER34. :O

"This product is designed for use in Japan only. It must not be used in any other country", says the manual booklet of the HKS Type S Intercooler Kit. Ooops.

Yes my fellow readers, I've finally got the front mount intercooler kit installed onto the ER34. In the process of getting it in, the ER34 had to be put on the surgery table and caused quite a fair bit of heart ache on my side. :(

Pic 3: With piping kit installed

I must commend HKS for the intricate details in making this kit set. Every bracket and fittings gel in perfectly onto the ER34. I'm quite surprised that not a single welding is required at all. Everything bolts on into place.

Pic 4: This part got to be trimmed off :(

Pic 5: Ouch!

Pic 6: Bye-bye metal

Of course the front bumper got to be removed for the job. Part of the "Carrier Assembly - Front End Module" also got to be removed and trimmed to clear the intercooler. This is where the heart began to ache a little bit. When everything is properly fitted onto the car, the dreaded moment came when the bumper had to be fitted back in. Somehow or rather I've got a feeling that the IMPUL 534S bumper will not clear the intercooler judging by the sheer size of the 'cooler.

What shall I do? Ditch the intercooler or trim the front bumper? Damn it, it is with a heavy heart that I ok-ed for the bumper to be trimmed at the sides to clear the piping. Darn it, the grille got to be trimmed off as well. I am not enjoying this at all. Not a teeny weeny bit. This is really distressing.

In the end, it still didn't really fit as well as I expected as the middle part of the bumper is touching the intercooler, it needed to be trimmed as well. I decided against it and will perhaps get it done professionally one day at my painters.

Pic 6: Thanks bro Azman for helping with the trimming

Pic 7: Sob! Sob!

Pic 8: Trimming to clear the piping

Pic 9: Trimming to clear the piping

The above hurt a lot. There goes my IMPUL 534S bumper. %$#@^*&#!

Anyway, after the installation and driving the ER34 for a couple of days, I think the boost somewhat crawled up a little bit. The best part is ... there are no lag at all as compared to the stock side mount intercooler. It looked fairly better but the expense to fit it in is still bothering me todate. :(

Pic 10 : HKS aluminum piping

Pic 11 : Note return pipe at rear of intercooler

Pic 12 : HKS aluminum piping going back up the stock route

Pic 13 : Mandrel bent no less

Pic 14: This is how it looks like

Pic 15: In goes the metal panel back in

Pic 16: This is how the ER34 looks now. Hey, where did all the HKS silicone hoses go??

Pic 17: The stock side mount intercooler


  1. hey i know tht Azman...haha.wat's he doing there? that shop also looks very familiar too. tht was the piping outlet tht i mentioned to you where u hv to trim yr bumper to make it fit.if u used the trust I/C,u dun hv to trim anything.satigue.

  2. He was lepaking there. Haha

    Yea man. Bro Alan's car with Trust intercooler do not need to trim off his IMPUL 534S front bumper. Damn!

  3. Nice and sweet... going to dyno to check on the hp gain?

  4. Good to know I/C as big as that gives you no lag... HKS after all :)

  5. Thanks Leo.

    Koh, no dyno is necessary la. Use the money to pump fuel much better. :P

    Fir, yea bro. I'm pretty surprised that there is no lag.

  6. Small sacrifice is necessary for BIG gain. No LAG TURBO.... Now that is worth the CUT! :)
    Maybe your DLYSI will be much more fun with this new baby.

  7. nice...... so now ur bnr34 is kind of 'illegal' eh?

  8. wOw! The side intercooler looks kawaii!!

  9. eujin, can't the mech mount the intercooler lower or higher to avoid cutting the side vent?

  10. I wish it can be done but the darn intercooler is huge and there isn't much space to maneuver it around. :(

  11. Hahahaha... sorry bro. An eye for an eye! LOL!!! Sorry sorry... That's what you called bolt on for R34! yeah!

  12. Now u can smile when ppl take a peek at your front bumper!

  13. mmm, clean r34 indeed dude, definitely very nice

  14. Eujin,

    i know this might sound terrible. but when i mounted by kit, i did a little mod on the piping so i don't have to cut on me bumpers .. mod was done at one bend and hidden away from view .. thus tucking in the cooler in nicely.

  15. chewei, yours is a different bumper from mine perhaps it makes a difference? I did adjust the mounting brackets to minimize the cutting tho.

    Yes, it does sound terrible but how did mod the piping? You changed the angle is it? The small bent piping?

  16. whoah how to keep up with you on the touge now that you got a turbo car with no lag? hahaha when is the next dylsi bro? hehe

  17. Danial, you're much faster la bro. DILYSI currently postponed definitely. :P

  18. Eujin,

    Just shorten the piping to the cooler, and mounted the cooler slight tilt on the bottom side, my pipe still touch bumper but not the the extend that i need to cut it. = p .. but since i revert to stock bumper, no problem ... haf to find that GTR bumper soon!

  19. Eujin, upgrade to the RB26 manifold! since you have a front mount now. And much shorter piping with it. hehe
    Surprised there was no lag with this larger intercooler and longer piping. Maybe the high amount of cooler air compensate already? haha

  20. Edward, I sold off my RB26DETT Nismo plenum already. Hehehe

  21. Why why why... You got all these rare goodies, even the 2.8L stroker also you sell... ai...

    But don't you think the RB25 manifold really stupid? Messy fuel lines, cables, long long piping because of it. haha

  22. Edward, coz not planning for stage II thus sell it all off. :)

    Yea, indeed the RB25 manifold pretty crappy looking but if change to the RB26DETT style ones like the offering from GReddy, I have to forgo my TCS which I am not ready to do so.


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